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How do we use biology in everyday life

As a student, I see biology everywhere in my life what with a giant swamp near my school that houses lots of fishes with frogs. There are so many instances that I am at a loss to explain how the subject affects our ecosystem and the surrounding environment nevertheless will try to sight few examples where understanding biology is imperative to the life.

use of biology in our life

Human body: Human body anatomy is a complex mishmash of nerves, muscles and bones. They are entwined into one single unit. In order to understand their functions, an individual needs to learn the biological concepts. Blood flow, metabolism and contributions of different organs in ensuring the health of the individual is an example of biology.
Lungs are used for respiration as they play an important role in blood circulation. Try running up and down the stairs and you will feel how they work to replenish the blood supply to the heart. Incidentally, I read an entire chapter on respiratory system in my class.

Environment: Although my performance in biology is nothing to croon about, I feel its presence after going down with fever. It either occurs due to bacterial or viral infection. They are tiny microorganisms that attack the immune system of the body resulting in an increase in temperature. I feel extreme fatigue and tiredness. Biology is the connecting link in the whole process as it helps to understand the effects and the causes that trigger them.
Different stages of life: Human evolution in different stages of life in itself is a glaring example of life science of biology. Kids are young with a very high pitch of the voice. Over a period of time, they reach the puberty stage with the growth of the genitals. In boys, the voice becomes heavy and body shows hairy growth. The phenomenon is mentioned in detailed in the biology subject under the chapter called reproductive system.

Improvement in sanitation facilities: Development of biology as a science has helped us to understand the importance of cleanliness in life. Dirt and dust cause the proliferation of germs in the atmosphere. They can cause varieties of diseases which might become life threatening if not untreated. After falling ill, people visit doctors who prescribe medicines. They are created due to the research in pharmacology which is a branch of Biology.

Farming: Farming and managing the livestock is an integral part of Biology. In order to comprehend the fertility of the soil and its positive impact on the animals, people should have a detailed knowledge of the subject.
Moreover, the overall effect of the climate change on the human, plants and animals falls under the realm of Biology. Researchers are trying to understand the increased levels of greenhouse gases in the environment that have also enhanced the average temperature of the earth. Genetic traits found in the human beings can only be explained with the help of the scientific principles. A detailed study on chromosomes is carried out by the biologists to reveal fascinating facts about life.


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  1. Raju says:

    Defining the term ‘Biology’
The term ‘biology’ comprises the meaning; ‘bio’ means life and all living organisms and ‘logy’ means science or study of. Thus biology means study of living beings and organisms and their physical structure or science of understanding living organisms. It takes every minute to giant particle under the sun, which has living characteristic. Any disturbance and restoring it back to its normal condition or finding the cause of various biological changes were also fall into the ambit of this subject.
    Use of Biology in Daily Life
As a part of life, whatever we do to sustain healthily comes under the sphere biological practices. Though, it would be very difficult for anyone to identify various common and routine actions in daily life which are termed as daily biological activities. Some of the prominent and most common sort of activities can be considered in a way to know that how do we use biology in everyday life, can be enumerated as:

    1. Hygiene and Sanitation
People take every best possible measure to retain their health through various methods of obtaining hygienic living. This method of living standard eliminates the chances emerging or existing, risky bacteria and microbes by various means, such as washing hands, taking bath, cleaning surroundings and using clean and hygienic intakes or meals.
Another method of maintaining health and enjoying healthy living, on broader scale, is sanitation, which provides people an automated system of flushing out the waste products from their residential areas. It prevents from accumulating the waste materials in nearby residential arena of the people. If such accumulation in any area is found commonly, such areas become prone to various diseases.

    2. Washing Hands
Hand washing is one another method of retaining good health, as it is a process of washing out various microbes, accumulated due to the hand contact at different infected and unhygienic places. Hand wash makes people to eliminate or keep their hands free from infectious microbes, responsible for various diseases, such as diarrhea and influenza. This is one of the most common sorts of daily practice which people use to perform at their home fronts. People take resort of different antiseptic soaps and medicated hand sanitizers to makes their hands free from any kind of bacteria or viruses.

    3. Medication
Medication is another form of implementing biology in daily routine, in order to suppress the unhealthy conditions and setting the physical system on right path. When anybody falls prey to the ailments, mainly due to the various bacteria and virus infections, a proper schedule of antibiotic medication is required to set the physical machinery in right order. The antibiotic medication eliminates the responsible bacteria or viruses and do not allow them to survive in the body.
These are some of the basic methods which provides an overview on the practices of how do we use biology in everyday life. People are aware regarding few of them whereas, most of the activities are done generally and to which, people are not aware of their advantages while doing it.

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