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Global Warming – positive and negative effects

We all know global warming is bad for us. But does it have any positive effects too? And is that a good news? Find out in this essay.

global warming positive negative impact

Human race is not new to the growing concerns of global warning. In fact, studies show that global warming is taking place currently and will continue to take place for centuries to come. Another known factor regarding global warming is that human beings are the primary cause of this slow and threatening disaster taking place all across the globe. This is because human activities are leading to an unexpected as well as unmanageable increase in earth’s temperature; hence causing centuries- old ice caps to melt and many animal, bird as well as plant species to go extinct or become endangered. Let us take a look at some of the positives and negatives of global warming.

Positives of global warming

  1. Ice- capped and frozen regions of Antarctica, Arctic as well as Siberia can see more plant growth and milder climates. This may lead to the possibility of human as well as animal existence in such cold areas.
  2. Global warming is a very positive sign which ensures that there will never be another ice age for the time being and also for many centuries to come.
  3. There will be fewer deaths as well as injuries which are caused as a result of cold weather. This is a great opportunity for people going on mountain expeditions in these frozen regions.
  4. When temperatures begin to rise, there will be less need for energy consumption which is otherwise required for keeping the cold regions hot.
  5. Global warming will also help in solving boundary issues between countries which arise as a result of low- lying islands.
  6. Melting glaciers will result in considerable increase in the heights of mountains; which is a result of their rebounding against the missing weight of ice.
  7. When temperature rises, the growing seasons can be longer; hence providing with an increased scope of agricultural production in cold areas.
  8. Sea transportation routes will clear up and make way for ships. There are several sea transportation routes which are currently enclosed by ice formation.

But these are just some short term benefits. When we look at the bigger picture, global warming will prove as a disaster for our planet and all species in the long run. Take a look at its downsides below.

Negatives of global warming

  1. The circulation of oceans gets disrupted due to melting ice and as a result, there is a rise in the sea level.
  2. Deserts will become drier as a result of global warming, hence making way for increased desertification.
  3. There will be increased shortage for drinkable water in regions where the availability of quality water is already scarce.
  4. As a result of shortage of food grains and crops, there will be increased malnutrition and deaths caused as a result of starvation.
  5. Increase in heat waves will cause more deaths for plants, animals as well as human beings. This problem is already faced by millions of people worldwide.
  6. High sea- level will lead to flooding in low- lying areas.
  7. Weather will become more extreme and catastrophic storms and other natural disasters will become common.
  8. Increased diseases in plants, human beings and animals.
  9. There will be the requirement for additional energy for cooling needs.
  10. There will be a permanent and inevitable loss of ice caps and glaciers from the face of earth.

The entire human race has to come forward in order to avoid these extreme consequences of global warming. Do share your views on global warming in the comments.

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2 responses to “Global Warming – positive and negative effects”

  1. Jay Patel says:

    Global warming causes a change in the world’s temperature, this causes drastic changes such as glaciers melting.

    This change affects both, human beings and animals. In the case of animals, global warming can cause extinction of some species. Because those animals which are biologically prepared to inhabit warm places, can not withstand very low temperatures; and those who live in very cold areas such as glaciers, are biologically prepared to withstand cold temperatures, therefore they can not withstand very high temperatures, which makes them vulnerable to possible dehydration that can lead to death.

    In the case of humans, you can suffer mild or severe illnesses if exposed to drastic temperature changes.

    So, global warming is really bad for our world.

  2. Kristy says:

    Just the other day the world population hit the 7th billion mark. For a layman, this would seem like a normal occurrence. As a biologist, there is a lot to be concerned about.

    The pressure on the environmental resources is already so great, the ecological diversity has been disturbed and this has given way to, among many other things, climate change which has led to global warming. This therefore calls for concerted efforts among various stakeholders to help put measures that will check population growth.

    The impacts of this huge population are apparent. The once beautiful Mother Nature has been destroyed. Human activities have led to destruction of river catchment areas, pollution of rivers and lakes, emission of green house gases to the atmosphere all of which are destroying the once beautiful fauna and flora.

    It is very sad that the next generation may not have an opportunity to see for themselves some of the great animals and plants that once lived on planet earth; instead, they will have a myriad of diseases and many other man made problems to deal with. It is therefore important that even as the world celebrates this historic population numbers, its impacts to the wider environment are also expressly addressed and solutions sort urgently before Mother Nature punishes us severely.

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