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Positive and negative effects of Caffeine

This essay discusses the positive and negative impact of caffeine on our body. Do share your views in the comments section at the end. You can also contribute by submitting your essay in our database.

There is always a debate in the health community about the positive and negative impact of caffeine. Caffeine is mostly found in coffee and helps you in staying active for long hours. If you are wondering what are the positive and negative effects of caffeine you can have a look below.

Positive effects of caffeine

Parkinson’s disease

Loss of brain cells lead to production of a chemical known as dopamine which leads to Parkinson disease. If you are a regular consumer of coffee of caffeine you are very less prone to Parkinson’s disease. The people who drink coffee regularly are 80% less prone to Parkinson’s disease. As per recent research it was also seen that caffeine also leads to protection of the human brain cells.


If you are having two to three cups of coffee each day you are 20% less prone to gallstones as compared to the people who don’t drink coffee. Research studies have shown that if you are having 2 cups of coffee each day you are 25% risk free from colon cancer and also 80% safe from the cirrhosis risk. There are also many metabolic effects of caffeine which also reduce the risk of gallstones.

Mental performance

Caffeine helps in improving the mental performance of an individual. Caffeine helps in stimulating the central system and also leads to increase of the sugar demand of brain which leads to temporary lift. Caffeine helps an individual in maintaining attention and won’t help in improving memory or reasoning abilities.


While you are having a headache the blood vessels in your brain dilate and might even become wider. If you are having caffeine it will constrict the blood vessels and will relieve you from headache. Caffeine is 40% effective in relieving from headaches and is one of the fastest ways to get rid of one.

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Negative effects of caffeine


If you consume a lot of caffeine daily it might lead to osteoporosis. Having caffeine in large amounts will decrease the bone mineral density at your spine and your hip. This could also lead to fractures during your old age.


Caffeine is not only present in coffee but is also found in soft drinks and tea. If you are a type 2 diabetes patient and are consuming tea, soft drinks it might become difficult to control your diabetes. As per research if you are consuming caffeine daily in the breakfast, your sugar levels are most likely to get increased by 8 per cent.

Loss of sleep

Consuming a lot of caffeine during day might lead to loss of sleep at night. Caffeine blocks effects of a neurotransmitter called adenosine which promotes sleep. Consuming caffeine will also increase the number of times you wake up during night for urinating and will also interfere with deep sleep. This might also lead to poor sleep cycles and fatigue during day.

These are the positive and negative impacts of caffeine.