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How technology negatively affects our health?

In the field of both mental as well as physical health, technology has proved to be a priceless asset to mankind. Today we have the internet, which is a never- ending ocean of knowledge in itself, providing us information regarding each and every symptoms as well as ailment that we experience. Then we have a plethora of high- end machines in our hospitals which have the capability to show as well as identify even the most minor tissues and nerves in our body.

Last but not the least, cell phones are probably the most crucial invention of technology to mankind. These days we have hundreds of health applications which not only track our overall wellness; rather also show us all the reasons behind the symptoms we experience. However, similar to the two sides of the coin, technology has definitely benefited human beings but it surely comes with an array of negative effects for the human body. Let us take a look at how technology can negatively affect our health and well being.

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Can technology have negative effects on our health?

Without a spike of doubt, we can say that technology comes with its share of negative effects for the human body. Below are few common ways how technology can mess with our health.

  1. Your phone can cause blemishes

Do you have any idea that our phones always team up with innumerable bacteria? Yes, thanks to our surrounding external environment, bacteria piles up on your cell phone when you causally put it on the table in a coffee shop and other such public places. The next time you pick your phone and put it on your ears, this bacteria comes in contact with your face; hence causing blemishes, acne and other skin irritations.


  1. Exposure to Wi-Fi can lower sperm count

Laptops and notebooks are undoubtedly very convenient to work and carry around while you are on the go, but a little known fact is that men who use laptops on their laps have increased chances of affecting their reproductive health. Exposure to electromagnetic waves affected the sperm count and also cause damage to the DNA.


  1. Technology can also wreck your spine

Are you constantly staring into your cell phone or laptop throughout the day? If yes, then you are unknowingly causing long- term harm to your spine. Constant looking into your laptop as well as phone screens puts extra pressure on your neck and back, hence causing pain and lifelong stature issues in both youngsters as well as adults.


  1. Too much use of bright screen can strain your eyes and cause headache

There is no denying in the fact that staring into computer, laptop as well as mobile phone screens for longer hours causes irritation in eyes. It is also the reason for headache in many individuals. This is known as tension headache which is caused as a result of paying too much attention to the screen.

Apart from these, technology also makes an individual a couch potato, which is an obvious condition when you have machines to do your share of work. Of course, most of these problems can be avoided by using technology effectively.