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Positive and negative effects of artificial intelligence

Advent of artificial intelligence has revolutionized not only the information technology industry but also other spheres of economy. From manufacturing to driving the vehicle, the concept is being implemented by host of companies around the world. Modern day artificial intelligence or AI as it is generally called is limited in capability but the final objective is to create generic AI system that is perfectly capable to perform array of tasks. Like any other technology, the artificial intelligence has its own pros and cons that are enumerated as follows:

positive negative effects artificial intelligence

Positive effects of artificial intelligence:

Modern GPS systems: The GPS systems used on the watch, car and the trucks is based on the artificial intelligence technology. It plays an important role in selecting the best route from the source to the destination. Gone are the days when people had to enquire the location of a place in the city. In present time, one can use the GPS device and reach the intended destination within the shortest possible time.

Search Algorithms: Google, Facebook and other prominent social media outlets are using algorithms to detect the faces in the pictures. It is all possible due to the implementation of the Artificial intelligence concept. Similarly, the search engine deploys hundreds and thousands of codes to deliver accurate search results to the users. In addition it also plays an important role in predicting the web traffic to a particular link.

Important role in health care: AI is instrumental in solving major problems in the health care sector. It has in fact optimized the medical expenditure by finding the patients who are at a severe risk of a particular disease. Therefore, the government is now focusing on preventing the occurrence of the diseases rather than treating them at later stages.

Negative effects of artificial intelligence:

Dystopian abnormality: Hollywood has been for a long time creating movies where the machine gets the better of human brain and destroys the planet. It is not a wishful thinking but could be true in the future when the Artificial Intelligence technology becomes more advanced.  According to some scientists, the robots in the future may outthink the humans and cause problems to the people.

AI errors: Artificial intelligence applications are prone to bugs in varieties of spheres. For instance, if an error creeps up in the AI software related to health care sector, it may cause unwarranted death. In addition, erroneous codes would cause long term damages to the economy of the nations since AI is being implemented in strategic industrial systems.

Quality: A slight dip in quality is bound to result in heavy damages to not only the company but also the country. Buggy AI software used in the weapons system can target the wrong object and may not meet the requirements of the army.

In order to eliminate the disadvantages, verification and validation of the AI system should be made stringent so that the chances of errors are absolutely zero. With precision, dedication and a long term vision, the technology could be used to benefit the humanity as a whole.


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  1. Raxat says:

    Artificial intelligence is the future for us. One day, AI would be so intelligent that everything would be handled by machines. Tesla recently introduced autopilot feature in their cars. Although, it’s in the starting phase and not perfect. The company has advised people to keep their hands on steering while using it just in case, but we have seen videos of how people are using it on highways and they are sleeping in the driver’s seat. This shows our dependency on AI and how much we need it. One day, all the cars and vehicles on the road would be driving automatically. We can just sit and relax, check our phones, read a magazine or drink coffee. I ‘m just waiting for the day.

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