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Negative Effects Of Facebook

In the hi-tech world of today, people can be found glued to the fancy gadgets than meeting others in person. No wonder technology has done wonders to the world and mankind but everything has its pros and cons. Where on one part, social networking sites have made people connect to other people residing on the other side of the globe, it has also made a drastic change in the way people communicate. It would not be wrong to suggest that the most popular social networking site, Facebook has many negative effects on the people’s style of communication.

negative effects of facebook

The social media has made people share communication and information with each other to a large extent. But at the same time, it has changed the way people communicate and that too with negative consequences. You can compare this issue with the change in the eating habits of the people after the introduction of McDonald’s. This popular fast food joint when introduced, first changed the eating habits of the people in America and then the world. Similar is the case with Facebook. Since it first appeared in the year 2004, Facebook has rapidly turned into a big pastime for many individuals. Results have shown that at an average person spend around 14-15 minutes in a day on Facebook. This has made it the most disturbing factor that has changed the way people have started to communicate with each other.

There are endless examples of how Facebook has started to affect the people and their communication. There is a whole set of new language or dialect that has been brought into effect by the people using Facebook on a regular basis. To start with we can take into account the long sentences that were used earlier to express one’s thought and feelings have now turned into obscure sound bites coupled with acronyms and a plethora of fragments. Earlier it was worded that were used to express one’s feelings but in the Facebook lingo, emoticons are the new language. Apart from the language used in this social media site, there is one more area that needs urgent attention. People don’t realize it but they are communicating their personal information to the world. Personal information that was earlier thought to be kept in the shade has been brought into the light by people because of this social media site. People do not give a thought before they like or dislike any comment or picture posted on the site by any user. This has made one’s personal information, details and images easily accessible to the other person, in fact to the world at large. People tend to over share information that was once thought to be too personal for sharing with others. Some people are facing addiction disorders with Facebook, they can’t get rid of their addiction for Facebook which results in wastage of time and damages their health.

All in all, it won’t be wrong to suggest that we are looking forward to a society build by these social media sites that lays more emphasis on frequent and meaningless communication than meaningful communication. Therefore, next time you log into your Facebook account, pay more attention to how and what you are communicating. We may not realize it but the negative effects of Facebook can be more than what we realize.

However, we can’t neglect the positive side of Facebook too. If used in a right way, Facebook is the best platform to stay connected with your family and friends.


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5 responses to “Negative Effects Of Facebook”

  1. Sarthik says:

    I think its upon our usage. There are people who will use any new invention in a bad way, no matter how good they can do with it. It’s just their mentality that they will try to find the loopholes in the system and use it to wrong things. Same is applied to Facebook. There are endless ways to use it for good, but some people will not use it properly and will end up making it look like bad product. Anyways, I love Facebook and can’t live without it. Facebook has no negative impact on my life and I think its because I use it in a good optimized way. There should be some good courses on how to use social media in a good way.

  2. ameerjaan says:

    facebook is a social networking service his website was launched in februry 2004 .most of the students like facebook .there are about 350 million active users of facebook .the main idea of facbook is that one can keep in touch with all of his\her friiends around the world.the students use facebook to make new frinends
    andto keep contect with their regular friends.

  3. Sariha says:

    I don’t like sharing my personal life with so many people. I wold rather give quality time to my family and myself.

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