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Importance of physical education

Meaning of physical education

Physical education has turned out to be an integral part of the lives of people where it ensures a better health and assures them a happy life ahead. As far as the meaning of physical education is concerned, it can be defined as the process of bringing changes in an individual’s life that are usually brought about by various experiences.

It not only aims at the physical health, but also incorporates other important aspects such as the mental, spiritual, social, emotional and moral health. All such things are acquired by the same sets of physical activities that can bring multiple benefits to an individual.

physical education importance

It would not be anyhow wrong if physical education is considered as a play way process of education. This is because it really educates people about various important issues such as proper eating habits, right lifestyles, and similar stuff but one never realizes that he or she is actually trying to educate themselves as they feel like playing and enjoying their time when they actually are involved in such physical education. Several people have given their own definition of physical education. As per some, it is an education of as well as through human movement in which various educational objectives are attained by him or her by the means of several muscle activities that involve games, sports, gymnastics, exercises and dance. As per others, it is a part of education that provides instructions towards the acre and development of the whole body ranging from some of the simpler exercises to the tougher ones.

Importance of physical education:

Physical education is not only about having a sound physical health but is also concerned about various other aspects of the personality of any individual. It works towards shaping the overall personality of a human being.

Given blow is a list of factors that would help people in knowing the real importance of physical education in the society:

  • Maintenance of physical health: Physical fitness is one of the most vital aspects that determine the quality of life lead by any person. A healthy lifestyle ensures a better health and this is the reason that right eating habits along with the required exercise is known to be the key to a sound physical health. Physical education makes people aware about these factors and helps them attain good health through various activities that it incorporates.
  • Confidence booster: A sound health ultimately leads to confidence boosting, when a person feels physically fit, he or she feels highly confident. Thus physical fitness helps in improving the confidence of a person.
  • It further helps people understand about the right nutritional facts and about the proper eating habits. Physical education makes them aware of the things that are required in order to have a great health.
  • It also makes people develop some important qualities like sportsmanship and team spirit. All such things help them grow in life.
  • It also helps in ensuring an overall cognitive health that is associated with the mental health which is the first requirement in the modern times where everyone is highly involved in their busy lifestyles.


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2 responses to “Importance of physical education”

  1. MayankDixit says:

    Physical education today, has reached a remarkable place in the society but it is worth noting here that it had started in the form of exciting dances, games and hunting in the ancient years and has now become a well established and time tested area that aims at providing physical, mental, social, emotional, moral, and psychological development of a person.

    However, the overall journey right from the ancient times to the present day scenario has undergone various different stages of its growth.

    History of physical education mainly reflects the people’s attitude towards such physical activities. In the prehistoric times, there were no such separate programs of physical fitness as they were not even required just because of the fact that people already were involved in various mechanical tasks that demanded physical stamina and their ability to perform various other activities of their daily lives. But sooner, ancient societies of Egypt, China, Rome and Greece adopted it as an integral part of their military training.

    The history of physical education mainly represents a pattern involving the military, political and social influence. Athenian Greeks were recognized for their physical as well as metal perfection during 700 to 600 B.C. The Middle Ages then saw a decline of such physical fitness activities and this trend continued till the military expansion has not arrived. Such activities once again gained popularity during the Renaissance. Europe, Germany and Sweden were known to develop various gymnastic systems during the 19th century which proves the popularity of physical education throughout the world.

  2. Dan Smith says:

    Physical education is utmost important especially because it forms a base for higher growth and proper development. Hence, today extreme attention is paid to physical education starting from the school level. The early attention to physical education will indirectly sharpen the kid’s performance in different field’s right from dance, martial arts to meditation. These are the various forms and each one has its own benefits.

    For a healthy lifestyle, one needs to follow a set of workouts both for the body as well as the mind. If the body is fit, everything with respect to body functions goes on completely. Most often when children get involved in sports and other activities their confidence level boosts up like anything. They enjoy going out to a medium that is large enough for everyone to see and appreciate. Participating in any kind of sports will only help the child to gain some confidence. The other reason would be making them aware of the ill effects of overeating, junk food and unhealthy diet. They will understand that healthy food is essential for a healthy mind. Eating habits will surely help them to change their original routine. The concept of team spirit and healthy competition will only be understood in a simple way through such exercises.

    Secondly, the other thing that comes to mind as soon as physical education is talked about is hygiene. Hygiene will be taught in the best possible way as indulging in extracurricular activities might lead to tiredness. They will understand how hygiene should be maintained at each level be it menstruation for girls. This is the best way to also aware them about sex education. At this moment, answering question related to sexuality is very important and cannot be ignored.

    Apart from all this, it motivates budding boys and girls to take up sports as a profession at a later period in life. Also, it changes the whole personality of the child by making him more confident and disciplined.

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