My Essay Point

Why should we vote?

Democracy is essential for the nations to survive. In the medieval period, people had no rights as they were subservient to the whims and the fancies of kings and their generals. In modern times, aspirations and the problems of the people have to be addressed by the government or else the country is thrown into anarchy. Autocratic rule breeds corruption and leads to chaos in the society. In order to elect the leaders in democracy, people have to vote according to their choices. Let’s analyze the various benefits that can be accrued from voting.

Check on the politicians: Politicians can become corrupt if people do not participate in elections. Their neutrality would lead to negligence in governance on the part of the leaders. It is a sad state of affairs because voting doesn’t represent popular mandate if the participation in voting from the common people is low. In the absence of checks and balances, dictators might seize power and may create external as well as internal problems for the country.

Voting is not a tedious exercise: Voting is not a cumbersome process with automatic machines providing lots of options for the users. They have to walk to the nearest polling booth to cast their votes.

Power to the people: Voting provides immense power to the voters as they assess the quality of the work carried out by the candidates to select the best choice. It helps to make the process transparent and forces the representatives to work for the welfare of the common man.

Harbinger of change: The majority of people are cynical about the government’s however at the time of elections they are reluctant to make choices due to numerous reasons. Therefore, one should vote for the change rather that constantly complaining about the status quo of the governance in society. Voting is a wonderful event when you come together along with the local community to choose popular leaders.

Selection of worthy candidates: A democracy which is all inclusive and participatory is extremely necessary for the development of society. If the voter turnout is less than 20%, the selection would be faulty and the representative continues with unpopular policies without the fear of any backlash. It is a dangerous precedent-setting the political scenario for the takeover of the government by the autocratic forces.

Voting ensures that the elected representatives do not go against the wish of the people. If they want to implement certain economic and social policies, it would be through discussion and public discourse. People should vote not on emotions but based on the development work done by the governments. A senator not ready to listen to the problems of the people is shown the exit door in elections. Voting is another way of showing the people’s power to the politicians.  Apathy from the voters during election time can cost dearly to the nation because the economic and social policies are created by the elected representatives. Individuals should vote according to their beliefs as well as principles.