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Why mobile phones shouldn’t be allowed in schools?

Should mobile phones be allowed in schools?

Allowing children to use mobile phone in school is a debatable topic as some parents perfectly agree with the kids carrying the device while others are up in arms against the decision. The unfortunate fact of upbringing of children is that they spend more time indoors than outside. Majority of them keep on chatting with their friends on mobile phones rather than going outdoors and playing games. My personal opinion suggests that children should not be allowed to take mobile phone to school, however many parents might differ with it. Therefore, to make a convincing argument, I am enumerating list of reasons in its support.

why ban mobiles in school

Wasting time by texting:

Rather than studying in school, children might spend their time texting friends or playing games on the smart phone when the teacher is overlooking. It can have a negative impact on the performance in the class because mobile phone is a major distraction for the young impressionable mind.

Improvement in Academic grades:

According to the recent survey in US, it was found that as soon as the kids were banned from using the phone in the school, their grades automatically improved. In fact, the difference was more pronounced for the children with 16 years of age. It is the age group that is prone of using smart phones a lot.

Boon for the vulnerable students:

Kids living below the poverty line or having lower grades have benefitted a great deal due to the ban on smart phones. They are prone to fall into the lure of technological gadgets and waste their time chatting, watching videos and listening to music. According to the survey, kids lost one hour on a daily basis to the phones. A blanket ban helped to curb the habit and enhance the performance of the students.

Complete full stop to cyber bullying:

How many times we have seen teens positing rude message on twitter and Facebook to each other in anger? Probably many times, therefore ban is essential to prevent distractions. It will help the students to focus on the study sessions in school instead of watching smart phone every minute for crude posts from friends.

Bullying in real time is easier to spot for the teachers however its cyber version is difficult to detect as people do not know what the kids are talking.

Emergency response:

Majority of parents support the student carrying mobile phone to the school as they think it is a perfect tool to call their kids during emergency. Although the cause is noble, it can be a major distraction for the children as they have to check the smart phone every minute for the elusive messages.

Nowadays schools have special secretaries who pass on the emergency messages to the children. It is easier to locate the students during the scheduled classes.

Radiation risk:

Exposure to mobile phone at an early age would expose the kids to radiation capable of causing cancer. Researchers have still not found any connection between the disease and mobile phone usage but precaution is better than cure to avoid problems in the future.

2 responses to “Why mobile phones shouldn’t be allowed in schools?”

  1. Tim N says:

    This is total bul****t. I don’t understand why students shouldn’t carry the phone to school? There are a lot of benefits of having a mobile phone with you when you are in school. You can do some reaserach on the topic you are studying or you can call your parents in a case of emergency. Apart from that, we can use mobile phones for using fb, insta, snapchat etc. in our free period or break time. Studies have shown that if you let students have some fun in between of studies, they perform better in their exams. So, let us use the phones in our school. I request to all the students to unite against these idiotic rules .

  2. Daniel Shaikhali says:

    Well yeah, phones should not be allowed to school. It causes distraction and the kids are most of the time indoor. Wanna research on a topic one can always go to the computer lab at school. Parents wanna send a important message one can always do it via the school.

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