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What is a hero?

A Hero Defined

The definition of the term hero is one of the most diversified definitions for it depends on the perceptions of the person making the definition. The term has been adopted for use in many situations and/or scenarios. The common aspect in the many definitions of the term hero is the existence or possession, for that matter, of unique and admirable character traits or qualities in ‘heroic’ people that may not be found among the many people in that particular environment. These traits or qualities might include courage, outstanding achievement, sacrifice and caring. Some of the classes of the definition of the term hero are handled below.

who is a real hero

National heroes constitute those people who have been acknowledged by countries or territories for their contribution towards the general benefit of the country. It should be noted that these heroes may not be appreciated outside their countries or territories especially if their heroism was achieved by humiliating other people from those territories or countries. Under this type of heroism there are members of the army, presidents or leaders in general of such territories and sports persons. The citizens and inhabitants of such countries always cherish when one of their own assures the victory of the country in competitions, confrontation or even in war. Taking the US, for example, the soldiers who participated in the Iraq war are considered heroes whereas on the other hand the terrorist groups may consider Osama Bin Laden as their hero for upholding terrorist attacks on their ‘enemies’.

Fictional characters too are perceived as heroes by many, especially the young. Most of the people in the young generation have the tendency of ignoring reality and end up praising the actors they see in movies and other drama related activities. The tricky part of this heroism is that it is impossible for such fictional characters to prove themselves in wrong way unless if it is the role they have to play in the movies or generally, fictional works. These actors behave within the limits provided for them by their creators who give them heroic characters. They end up heroic when they manage to overcome or survive feats that are deemed impossible. This has resulted in actors like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger being perceived as heroes by many young people all over the world regardless of their true character.

The third type of hero definition is that which is made known through myths and legends that are documented in historical books. These legends and myths in most cases talk of characters who existed before the current generation and who made great sacrifices to protect or save the people they cared for. In these stories, the characters are portrayed as people who had much courage and skill to fight with the adversaries who included natural and supernatural entities. What is also evident in the legends is the existence of a divine power that always assisted them to settle their quest. An example of such legendary heroes is King Arthur.

The last type of a hero is as everyone else perceives those who inspire them. Many people have those they consider as heroes on a personal level may because of what they did to them as persons or to other third parties they know of. This gives rise to situations in which one may term his or her teacher or a member of the family as the greatest hero.