My Essay Point

Why I want to be a registered nurse

According to Swansburg and Roussell (317), Virginia Henderson described nursing as the work of a nurse to help an  individual, sick or in good health, in the performance of actions contributing to healthiness or health recovery (or to a peaceful death) that he would carry out independently if he had the essential strength, will or knowledge.” This paper describes the fundamental principle behind my desire to become a registered nurse. From the definition above, which I learned in my final year, in high school, I came to love nursing for being a caring profession and needed by many.

I believe that service to humankind is a service to God, this being my heart’s desire, nursing gives me the perfect opportunity to serve. From my childhood, I have wanted to share my love to people through actions and rarely through words. There are many ways to serve mankind, but this is the very best according to me. In my life’s ambitions, I have always wanted to be a highly qualified, competent and experienced nurse.
In my view, efficiency in nursing, in nursing is dependent on availability of qualified nursing personnel who directly proved care, communicate effectively and build rapport with patients, clients and their significant social support. I am confident that, with ideal training and clinical practice, I can become an efficient nurse. I believe that my personality will blend in perfectly with nursing as a profession.
In the year 2006, I came from Cuba, a country where nurse work in a three-tier system. The first level of nursing is in small hospitals, clinics, health centers and doctors’ chambers, the second level is the provincial hospitals and the third is at the national hospitals. My life in Cuba presented a lot of health issues where I was involved with care of my friends and family members who got ill. From this time, I developed a desire to pursue nursing as a career when I grew older. It is for this reason that I have decided to seek admission in a nursing training facility to fulfill my lifelong dream.
Arguably, the nursing profession has been the largest source of employments in the healthcare career field, and, therefore,  becoming a nurse would equip me with knowledge, attitudes and skills to enable me give a share of service. Nursing offers a varied job market since there is a huge demand for nurses globally. There are numerous settings, in which nursing could be practiced, which, includes hospitals, mobile clinics, homecare, outpatient care centers, nursing homes, and even physician’s offices. With this in mind, I hope to get training to know which fits my personality.
Personal satisfaction in this career is something that I admire in the foundation of altruism. It offers numerous options to choose from in terms of chances for advancement and specialty areas. Therefore, it offers dynamism rare to find with most careers and reduces the monotony of working in one setup for an entire career life.
Nursing as a career offers extensive duties and responsibility in different setups. The duties I am looking forward to once I complete the registered nurse training include nurturing patients, health education to increase awareness on health issues, counseling clients, promote physical health and performance of activities of daily living for a patient who needs total care, and above all rise in rank to chief nursing officer. The training will initiate my career development path, nurture me to grow, and build my capacity as an individual to manage through the hardships of life.
I am hardworking, caring, accurate in carrying out orders, responsible and accountable, team worker, fast, and observant. These are my strengths, which I believe, will be useful in my path of becoming a nurse. I learn fast and, therefore, will be able to contribute ably to my training facility in any way deemed necessary.  Often, I am touched deeply by people’s problems, and this is my greatest weakness as it could lead to being overly involved in solution finding for these problems.
The opportunity to study nursing is a noble one and in my case dreams come true. I am convinced that my vocation lies in nursing hence I will pursue this career to great heights given a chance. I yearn to be a major player in the most humanitarian profession to the best of my abilities. From thousands of careers to choose, I would go for nursing anytime. I think that nursing is the noblest career that imparts positively on the development of a person and benefits numerous patients with varied diagnoses.
In conclusion, want to pursue nursing as a career because of the many merits that come from it for an individual nurse and the humanitarian services needed in most parts of the world. It compares to no other profession including those in the healthcare sector. With my qualities of being fast, accurate, and easy to work with, I believe that becoming a nurse would impart positively in the profession.