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Video games and violence essay

Since their advent, people are incessantly debating about the effects of the video games on violent behavior of the kids and adults. Due to the advancement of technology, numerous war games have hit the market and they have become the part and parcel of the lives of people. As a result, we see individuals becoming more violent at times and committing grave crimes. Well, let’s check out how?

Interaction: The interaction between the gaming application and the user influences the behavior more when compared to a violent TV program. People become a part of the game by entering the virtual dark world of deceit and fantasy. The problem arises when they think it is the real thing. Playing lots of shooting apps could make you more edgy and impatient.

Identifying with the violent character: The majority of the gamers love the violent characters by identifying themselves. It is a disturbing trend that forces people to commit grave crimes. They generally act aggressively causing problems to the others.

Rewarding the violent behavior: If the player shoots a lot and shows violent behavior he/ she might proceed to the next level. It is a tendency to award the violent behavior and cause enormous problems in the long run.  People switching off the gaming applications step into the real world with a different perspective and may indulge in unlawful activities.

Aggressive behavior: The majority of the players suffer from aggressive behavior syndrome commit crime especially when they are instigated. Continuous exposure to the gaming combatants drives them to the edge where all hell can break loose.

Cognitive effect: Researchers have found out that cognitive behavior of the players gets affected over a period of time. Hence, they lose the power of rational thinking and become impulsive in nature. It can result in an unfortunate eventuality, accident or even homicide. Addiction to violent games does more harm than good to the people. For instance, the student involved in the Columbine massacre was inspired by the computer game called the Doom.

Health: One of the biggest impacts of the violent games is on health. You may suffer from weakness and defective eyesight which can cause irritation. The aggression forces people to act irrationally and causing harm to their near and dear ones. Some gamers always want to remain at the top; therefore they resort to numerous tricks legal or illegal to accomplish the task. It is a dangerous trend especially among the kids as they are vulnerable and have impressionable minds.

Communication: In order to dissuade the person from violent behavior, it is important to open effective channel of communication. It will help people to diagnose the issue correctly and take suitable steps for preventing the occurrence of a problem in future. Psychologists can play a very important role in swaying the young minds from the violence and introduce them to the dark perils of crime. Proper education is necessary for the kids and adults so that they understand the grave dangers of violent behavior. It will help to make the life happier and stress-free for everybody.