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How Technology Is Shaping The Battles Of The 21st Century

Wars have been fought from time immemorial and are still being fought. While the world has seen a nosedive in the number if battlefronts in the last fifty years, it is a bit unwise to claim that we have all found peace and resounding calmness. There are still shots being fired whether in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, America and Africa. A notable difference is in the way most of these battles have been fought and going back for a quick perusal will indicate that war technology is taking the center seat as guns are less deployed to duty, most of all when the need is dire.

cyber wars essay

Cyber wars

This one of the most resilient and silent battles raging from nation to nation every day and there seems little hope that the situation will abate any time soon. While many will flag cyber wars as unorthodox methods, you will definitely agree that many nations are much more on the watch out against cyber attacks whether from other states or individuals.

Most of the hacking result from state sponsored goons out to gather information and infiltrate important lines of communication.  Every nation wishes to understand what their perceived neighbors are thinking, their capabilities and plans. This has seen numerous military systems hacked or attempts made in that direction, intelligence services focused more on collection of information running through communication systems and much more.

Common examples involve the continued cyber infiltration between china and the US, Russia and NATO, South and North Korea among other numerous examples. This trend has seen most of the governments increase allocations aimed at maintaining cyber security capabilities to deter possible attacks that could use this platform to siphon out important details whether on individuals or government installations.

Use of drones in wars

It is no secret that more countries are now relying on drones to conduct different missions in different places. Whether for military reconnaissance or any other missions of economic importance, it will be clearly accepted that drones have played quite a good part in military battles across the continent.

Many of the countries with this form of technology utilize these devices in conducting raids in perceived hostile regions. While there remains a big space between the use of these planes and the existing laws, it is well understood that much controversy has been generated with their use along with the effects that have come with them.

Since some of the drones work on very sophisticated technology, a hack of the software or a failure of such vital instruments in the wrong hands will have far-reaching effects. It is also a notable observation that ore of these drones are being put to use for other vital tasks such as information collection and delivery of goods to customers.

Nuclear technology and its failings

Nuclear weapons are some of the ticking danger that man has been having around for quite a while now. These weapons hold the highest potential for causing large scale and lasting harm if the results of the atomic bombing of Japan in World War II are anything to go by. The lapses that have occurred in the communication and information industry mean that this category of weapons is as well not too immune to infiltration.

Just a few days back South Korea was conducting cyber drills to guard its nuclear installations against possible infiltration by the North. Anyone would as well stand up and pose this question? What if any other crook managed to go through the nuclear software used in controlling such installations and install a bug? Well, the answer is obvious but the results are too far much than anyone may conceive for now.