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Role of Women in Society: Shaping the Future

A well-known saying by American politician and activist, Eleanor Roosevelt, asserts, “A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” Indeed, if the changing role of Indian women is traced right from the time she passively endured unimaginable tortures like sati and kulin marriage system, to the present times when she is seen proudly triumphing in almost all major spheres, one can hardly help but gape in amazement at her revolutionary growth.

Changing Role of Modern Indian Woman

Also, if it was her subservience that contributed towards the peaceful running of a community in the past, the modern society can hardly ignore her unmistakable involvement. A woman thus is an integral part of every society, her participation serves as an essential tool behind its stabilisation.

Women’s Role in Developing the Society

Carrying the Society Forward

It is through a woman’s painstaking efforts that a family, the first building block of society, grows and prospers. A woman maintains peace and harmony at home, looks after the well-being of each member, ensures that each succeeds and thus helps society in its forward march.

Guarding and Uplifting the Social Values

The first teacher of a child is his mother, who instils in him the vital lesson of how to behave and adjust with others, a primary feature of harmonious coexistence in every society. A woman thus, by sowing the seeds of proper behavior, helps to make her child a responsible and mature inhabitant of society.

Providing Full Support to the Nation

History has proved that major developments in India happened only with the invaluable participation of women. For instance, be it the tremendous sacrifice undertaken by our glorious female freedom fighters like Sarojini Naidu or Pritilata Waddedar, or recently the distinguished victory of our female athletes, Dipa Karmakar or P.V. Sindhu in the Rio Olympics, women have always dedicated themselves to bringing glory to our country.

Developing a Strong Society

In remote regions of India, still today, women are seen only as entities of procreation. Female babies are mercilessly killed, girls are denied education, and wives are burnt alive. Yet, amidst such pathetic realities, strong women emerge and lead others to follow a healthy and respectable life. Thus we have successful women associations like the Gulabi Gang that strive to empower women so that they raise their voice against orthodox male domination and become trendsetters of an unbiased society.

Establishing the Modern Ways

The names, Kiran Bedi, Medha Patkar or Arundhati Roy, and their laborious involvement and firm views regarding women issues like crimes against women or raising their economic conditions, are no longer unknown today. These women, born of humble origins, voiced their discontent regarding matters they did not approve and thus brought about important social changes.

A woman is in no way less than a man, and this fact is unanimously proved by her achievements throughout history. Hence, to have an advanced society, she should be respected and supported.

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