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What is the Role of Government in Society?

The concept of a renaissance in the Europe made the concept of nation states famous in the world. Kingdoms of the yesteryear gave way to the formation of the modern governments that play an important role in the development of society. Let’s discuss the duties of a government in a society:

Social security: The modern society is an epitome of unequal development resulting in the creation of poor and the rich. It is an unfortunate situation that existed long back when the concept of government was not in existence. In modern times, it is the duty of the government to ensure that the poor people are protected from the incessant rise of inflationary prices. Different schemes are carried out to ensure the availability of food and housing to the weaker strata of the society.

Defense of the country: It is a well-known fact that a government is by the people, for the people, and from the people. In addition, defense of the country is the responsibility of the government. The combination of armed, navy and air force is created to defend the land, water, and sky of the nation. They play an important role in protecting the countries from the invaders and attacks from the terrorist organizations. In the medieval period the kingdoms rarely had an organized army, therefore the chances of conflict were always high.

Tax collection: In order to maintain the government machinery, money is required which can only be obtained by taxing the citizens. According to the experts, the taxes that have to be levied should be kept to a minimum so that people are able to pay them in full. High taxation leads to the instances of evasion with people refusing to comply with the rules.
A separate tax collection department is created to accomplish the task without any hassles. Swift and lower taxation ensure that the required financial option is available for the seamless running of the government.

Fundamental Rights: A Democratic form of government in recent times has led to the election of representatives by popular mandate. It plays an important role in ensuring the fundamental rights of the minority and majority in the country. One of the most important aspects of the right is that it provides equal opportunities to men and women to develop their professional and personal lives. The society becomes more open and the laws to be implemented are discussed by the elected representatives in detail.

Education: It is the ardent duty of the government to educate the people and make them more informative. In addition, numerous vocational programs are also conducted to enhance the skill sets of the people so that they can be gainfully employed across different sectors of the economy. Employment to the youth is the fundamental duty of any government and would go a long way in enhancing the gross domestic production of the country by many notches.
Unemployment is the biggest curse of any nation because it gives rise to an army of people who are disgruntled with the government and can create havoc by destroying the public property and lives.