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Positive and negative aspects of zoos

Every big city has a zoo where all the wild animals are kept in naturally simulated environment. People flock to the place to see the beasts and the heroes of the forest wilderness. It is a wonderful experience for the kids and adult alike nevertheless there are drawbacks too. Therefore, let’s find out the pros and cons of the Zoo.

positive negative aspect of zoo

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Advantages of a zoo:

Amazing benefits for the animals: Wild animals injured or abandoned in the forest are brought to the zoo where they get proper food and medical treatment. As a result, the chances of survival increase for them which would not have been possible in the jungle. Moreover, they are under the supervision of the Zoo authorities who are responsible for their well being and also respond to emergency situations.

Heavenly abode for the endangered species: One of the most important benefits for the animals is that they can live longer. Zoos also house the wild animals belonging to endangered species. For instance, rare varieties of birds and carnivorous animals are bred in captivity in the Zoo. Majority of animals may not survive in the wild environment either due to pollution or poaching. Therefore, Zoo provides a safer and secured environment for them to grow.

Knowledge to the visitors: Zoo provides a wonderful opportunity for the users to visit and learn new facts about the animals residing in the forest. Information is provided in detail about the Zoo authorities which was not possible in natural environment. Professionals are deployed for taking care of the animals as they learn about the behavior and feeding habits. When people closely interact with the animals they realize the value of environment and the need to preserve the wild habitat.

Great trips to the Zoo: For kids visiting the Zoo can be a fun filled experience as they meet animals they learn about in books and television. Moreover, some Zoos have museums where rich historical information pertaining to ancient and present wildlife is stored. Hollywood has recently churned out different movies based on the cartoon characters of animals. They have become very popular among the audiences.

Disadvantages of a zoo:

Lack of space: Majority of Zoos are constrained by space especially when the number of wild animals increases. Lions and tigers need huge area to roam which might be not possible in an enclosure. Elephants in the Zoo sometimes turn violent as they do not find enough room to move around. Aggressive wild animals could create problems for the Zoo authorities and might attack the visitors causing injuries and even death.

Mental issues: Animals that are captured from the wild and brought to the Zoo find it hard to adjust to the new environment as they do not have the freedom to roam across the length and the breadth of the property. On the other hand, animals that are raised in captivity find it extremely hard to survive in the wild environment as they do not have the necessary skill sets.

Zoo has numerous advantages and disadvantages but owing to the fast depleting forest cover in the name of progress, the raising of exotic animals in a captive enclosure signifies that all is not lost and they can coexist with humans without any threat.

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