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Essay on Prevention is Better than Cure

The proverb “Prevention is better than cure” insists that it is better to take appropriate measures before the commencement of a problem than after it has already ensued. It is a highly valuable advice and when applied to deal with our daily life issues, can help us in preventing many mishaps from occurring. Also, three vital factors – time, effort, and money can be considerably saved. Hence, proper initiatives should be taken to judiciously implement the proverb in all walks of life.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Why is Prevention Better than Cure: A Discussion to Justify the Proverb

To Avoid Diseases

Nowadays, we can keep away from many diseases ranging from, a common cough and cold to diabetes, by following a healthy lifestyle that stresses on imbibing balanced diet and regular exercise along with forbidding harmful habits like smoking or drinking. Even a terrible ailment like AIDS can be avoided by adopting specified preventive measures such as embracing safe sex, etc. Hence, the proverb is quite relevant when it comes to maintaining health and safety.

To Perform Well

A student, despite not being proficient in a particular subject, can do well, provided that knowing his areas of weakness he puts in extra effort beforehand. Thus, he not only can avert the ignominy of not performing as per expectations but also gain the much-needed confidence to improve further.

To Prolong the Longevity of Valuable Assets

It is a well-known fact that if we run an AC along with a fan, within a short span the AC will slowly accumulate copious dust and eventually, stop working. Leaving aside the financial loss the repairing of such a costly product would induce, it may also happen that the AC never fully recovers! Hence, to evade such accidents, it is wise to switch off the fan, while an AC is on. With other objects too, appropriate precautions can save a lot of money and resources.

To Minimize the Rate of Crimes

People often talk about issues, like the growing trend amidst youths to be disrespectful, violent, and selfish. But, do we ever invest a moment’s thought to find the right preventive step to lessen or stop them? Negativity grows when a child’s vacant mind gets polluted with destructive thoughts. Eventually, it is natural for such an individual to become wreckful or vindictive towards others. If the elders of a family take an active role in educating their children about the importance of being humble and kind, our society should never suffer from such a consequence. Children bred on noble virtues, turn into responsible citizens and heartily contribute towards the nation’s development and peace. Imbibing values in our children from an early age is, therefore, a vital deterrent that can effectively aid in reducing criminal tendencies in youths.

Let us conclude the explanation with a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Now, there can be many arguments regarding the justification of the proverb. Some may agree while others will disagree. But what’s the harm in being a little alert? After all, we have only one life, and we must find ways to make it better for ourselves as well as those around us.