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Positive and negative effects of yoga

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Yoga is a process of art which is based on balancing body system of human for the development of mind as well as spirit. A person practicing it daily becomes owner of good health and acquires internal peace. It can even make your body flexible furthermore strong. It develops better functionality of digestive, hormonal, respiratory along with circulatory systems. It is well-known for bringing emotional plus mind’s clarity. It re-balances your body as well. It helps in recovering from many diseases & illness without using medicines. Besides practicing different position and posture of body, meditation is also included under this practice. Breathing techniques that improves your lungs is also enhanced under it.


In different corners of the world, this practice is also recognized as living art where an individual get an opportunity to learn yoga wisdom along with techniques in a joyful, thorough & pure manner. Be a beginner or a regular practitioner, all can avail lot of benefits from it. It has brought remarkable changes in many people’s lifestyle. Many have experienced full relief from much chronic illness along with behavioral changes. Its daily practice have made human healthier, happier, mindfulness and reduced anxiety in many cases. But every coin has two sides. Similarly, there are some negative effects of Yoga as well. Let’s first take a look at the positive ones:

Positive effects of Yoga

Greater benefits associated with yoga practice are mentioned below-

1. It improves body flexibility – People often complaining about back ache, pain in legs, knee and other joint of body can get immediate relief from such practice on daily bases. Your muscles become flexible due to stretching of arms and legs. Thus, you would probably notice recommendable changes in your body.

2. It can protect your spine – Spinal disks which is known as shock absorber is present between vertebrae can herniated as well as compress nerve. With good practice of yoga you can master in backend, twists plus forward bends. It keeps disks supple as well.

3. It increases blood flow in human – Twisting poses and postures helps in increasing human blood flow. Heart has to pump greater amount of blood which is transported to other parts of body. It has also lower down the heart attack risk in humans.

4. It helps in regulating adrenal glands – Cortisol level is lowered by yoga. It boosts up immune system and provide you energy to fight against all illness and diseases effectively.

5. It has also been proved that yoga is very effective in lowering down blood sugar.

6. It relaxes one’s mind and makes you concentrate on particular thing.

7. Limbs tensions can be released by it.

8. It maintains body balance and makes a practitioner sleep well.

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Few negative effects of yoga are:

This ancient practice which is associated with numerous techniques and body posture can bring some of side effects as well. If it is not performed with concentration and correct body postures then an individual has to face serious consequences in form of body ace, hypertension, back ace and break down of nervous system. You need trained and skilled yoga trainer for such purposes.If you do not perform the Yoga poses in a correct way, it can lead to:

  • Your ankle may get sprained
  • Muscle pulls
  • Neck aches
  • Knee pain
  • Slip disc or severe back pain
  • Tearing of ligaments or tendons
  • Vertigo
  • Pain in the wrist

Yoga is also not recommended for children under the age of 16, because their nervous and glandular systems are still developing. Yoga exercises can affect the natural growth of these systems.

Negative effects of yoga can be altered with regular and dedicated practice of numerous aasans (poses) under professional supervision. If you feel any kind of discomfort while doing Yoga, stop and get the help of your teacher.