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Positive and negative effects of WhatsApp

Probably all of us are using WhatsApp as it is one of the most important instant messaging applications available in the internet domain. The majority of people use WhatsApp on their smartphone to share messages and images with each other. It is an important form of social media that has influenced the psyche of the modern users; however it has its own advantages and shortcomings that are listed below.

positive negative effects whatsapp

Positive impact of WhatsApp:

Cost effective: Transmitting messages through WhatsApp is free, unlike the SMS messages. Mobile services providers are now offering internet packs to invoke the WhatsApp application. Wherever the internet connection is accessible, you can easily use the social media app. Without spending money, one can place calls to friends located across the globe.

Welcome absence of advertisements: Internet websites and even social media apps are replete with annoying ads popping in between and disturbing the concentration of the users. WhatsApp has brought in a fresh whiff of air as it is free from advertisements. It offers a great user experience and app doesn’t lag because of too many ads.

Seamless operation: WhatsApp is inundated with lots of features such as uploading of the files including the images and videos. Once the application is installed, it can automatically import the contacts from the smartphone providing information to the users. With the help of WhatsApp, you can not only share status but also send the information pertaining to location.

Facilitating business: WhatsApp has played a very important role in facilitating the business communication between the supplier and the customers. They not only exchange information but also work on creative ideas to find solutions to the problems.

Forming a community: Information about the events can be shared by creating a group of like-minded friends on WhatsApp. It is the fastest way to disseminate facts related to a particular topic. Moreover, you can also share the jokes and memes to bring smiles to your friends.

Negative impact of WhatsApp:

Absence of cross compatibility: WhatsApp can only send messages to people who have the same application installed on their phones. In a nutshell, it is a restrictive technology for the users. In addition, you cannot send a message to the recipient if you do not have an internet connection. Moreover, the data from the application cannot be transferred to the inbox of the phone.

An unwelcome distraction: WhatsApp is known to cause addiction to the teens as they continue to check the phone for messages. As a result, people are not able to focus on important tasks.
The continuous receiving of jokes and trolls can drive people insane and makes them crazy. Lots of irrelevant questions cloud the mind when somebody on the other end is not responding to the messages on the phone.

Aloofness from the real world: People engaged with WhatsApp lose their touch to the outside world. As a result, they become social inaccessible and aloof. Non-interaction with the society proves harmful to the WhatsApp addict. They are extremely obsessed with sharing of selfies, videos and audio files among the friends and colleagues.


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2 responses to “Positive and negative effects of WhatsApp”

  1. Sheryl says:

    I love whatsapp. It is the best app ever made. I know some people use it negatively, but for me, it’s the best. I still remember how I needed notes urgently for my exam next day and my friend sent it on my whatsapp. If whatsapp was not there, I would have failed the exam.

    One of my friends uses it to increase her business of ethnic wear. She has created a group and send pics of her products in the group everyday. She has made sales of around $1000 in just 2 months using whatsapp group. So, this can be great for businesses too. In the end, it depends on us how we use technology.

  2. Rakesh says:

    Even though there are some negatives of WhatsApp, but you can’t ignore the positive impact of whatsapp too. I’ve been using WhatsApp since 3 years and it has become my primary app for connecting with my friends and family. I can instantly connect with them. All it is missing now is the video call feature and then it will replace the skype as well.

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