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Positive and negative effects of texting

Texting : A boon or a curse?

Man is a social animal. Social is the word here I want to emphasize on. We are social that means we need to communicate. Today we have a ton of ways to communicate but we can broadly distinguish communication as in real time and virtual communication. Latter have big impact in our lives in these times when world is full of modern technologies. I mean look around yourselves, reading a blog (that’s what you are doing right now) comes under virtual communication.

Coming to the main topic, texting being the major part of virtual communication has a lot of pros. Firstly, let me tell you what do I mean by texting here. Texting means conveying your messages in short texts. The world we are living in right now is short of time already (look around and you will agree with me). And cherry on the cake is the laziness that has been gifted to us by computers and mobile devices. In that situation all of us prompt to write ‘K’ instead of ‘OK’ , ‘BC’ or ‘coz’ instead of ‘because’ and what not.

Positives of texting

Talking about its positive side, the major incentive here is connectivity. They say internet has locked this world in a small room. You need to see someone in Argentina being in Canada, you are just clicks away. Anonymity is a great deal here. People feel safe when they don’t need to communicate in real world, it is the plus side for people who are introverts. While texting, you can be whatever you want. If you are not happy with your look you can change it. Time is another great aspect to talk about. For example, you don’t need go to your friend to tell him something, or send him a letter, which reaches your friend a couple of days later.

Negatives of texting

All that glitters is not gold. Similarly even after having so many pros it does have cons. Firstly, this reduces the real communication. People become less open, and hard to communicate with in real world. Secondly, it destroys the language. People want text fast and use  abbreviations, for example, BRB (be right back), IDK (I don’t know ) and what not. I have seen blunders happening in understanding these abbreviations. Not only this but also we have stopped paying attention to grammar. Moreover , The youngsters are getting addicted to the messaging platform like other addictive substances. It is more of an addiction rather than convenience. The start as well as end of the day happens with whatsapp. And, if people don’t find any messages they start feeling low.
People are so occupied with the use of texting that they are unable to differentiate between real and factual relationships. We can easily notice that while you are talking all the time to your friends using texts, you hardly have an interaction with your immediate family. This also points out the fact that while people have a lot of friends on social networks, there’s hardly any friend available whom they can talk out their heart face to face.

To conclude, texting in communication have advantages and disadvantages but we can’t change it because of changing world. More modern technology appear the more we will use.