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Positive and Negative Effects of Recycling

The process of recycling is reusing the waste generated regularly from industries and homes. It has positive and negative effects for the society. Let us analyze each of them in detail.

positive negative effects of recycling

Positive effects of recycling:

Environment protection: World environment is getting affected by pollution emitted from different sources. Recycling plays a very important role in its reduction to make the environment amenable for living. For instance, trees are cut in large amount to manufacture paper. Forests are destroyed for the need of the people leading to rising pollution and diseases. Reusing the paper would help to save the cutting of plants and trees. Moreover, the recycled paper doesn’t impact the environment as the one sourced from wood pulp.

Renewable energy: In European countries, the household trash is recycled and used as an alternate source of power. Due to efficient waste management, they are able to save precious resources. Developing nations too should adopt the same policy as it will help to meet the energy demands of the teeming millions without causing pollution and cutting of trees. Materials such as aluminum and glass can be recycled without the need for exploiting natural resources. A recycled metal can easily provide power to television for 3 hours.

Cost effective: Recycled product is always cheaper when compared to the branded new versions. It is beneficial for suppliers and the end users. Recycling the product into raw material optimizes the manufacturing processes, lowers the cost and makes it cost effective in the market.

Reduction of pollution: Plastic is one of the most important sources of pollution on earth. Recycling the solid waste can lead to its reduction and prevent the contamination of the surroundings. Burying plastic beneath the earth is not the permanent solution because it may cause soil and water pollution. With the help of recycling technique, you can make the environment green and protect people from pollution-related disease.

Enhancing the employment opportunities: Recycling the waste has become a huge industry in the world. Millions of people are employed to accomplish the task. According to the survey, more than a million people can get jobs if the US promotes the recycling of 75% of the waste it generates on a regular basis.

Negative effects of recycling:

Hygiene issue: Debris is collected on the site for further processing which may create a health issue for the workers and the population located in the vicinity. When the dumps sites are left by the trash collectors, the chemicals mix with the soil and water causing pollution. Open trash sites come in contact with rain and contaminate the ground water.

Costly proposition: Recycling paper can be a costly endeavor as the waste has to be transported and processed using industrial techniques such as bleaching. One cannot guarantee that the recycle finished product would have the same quality as the original. Usage of harsh chemicals during recycling exposes people to health hazards. Plastics can be recycled but few varieties require special procedures that are costly.

In a nutshell, one can say that positives far outweigh the negatives as far as recycling is concerned. Therefore, it should be adopted by people keep their environment clean.

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