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Positive and negative effects of playing video games

Everybody loves playing video game right from a kid to an adult. It is the favorite past time and consists of interesting applications. With the increase in processing power, the modern day games have become more advanced and are laden with graphics. The introduction of high powered devices such as Play Station and Xbox has revolutionized the gaming concept and helped it to become more popular. Well, the video games seem to be highly advantageous but they have certain drawback too. Let’s pause and analyze the issue in detail.

Positive impact of Video games:

Increases cognitive thinking: Video games play a very important role in enhancing the logical reasoning prowess of the children. Incredible machine or the angry bird applications compel the kids to think and adopt the best strategy to win the necessary points. They devise creating methods to resolve the puzzles quickly and effectively.

Enhancing the motor skills: One of the best advantages of the gaming technology is that it improves the hand and eye coordination in children. In a shooting game, the user has to take aim and fire the gun as soon as he/she spots the target. Coordination between the actual action and the cerebrum is essential to notch up the win. The regular practice could lead to improved motor skills that might help the child to become successful in the real world as well. According to the researchers, adults who are skillful in playing video games become impeccable medical surgeons.

Managing the resources: Modern video games are based on strategies compelling the gamers to think out of the box. Therefore, they become skilled in planning and devising strategies to executing the projects in the professional world. Gamers with regular exposure turn out to be a better resource manager as compared to those who are not avid followers of the strategy based gaming.

Negative effects of video games:

Addiction: Kids are often glued to their gaming consoles, forgetting about the outside world. The long term effects can prove to be extremely harmful with the child becoming irritated and losing the interest in studies or outdoor games, which can affect their health badly.

Discarding relationships: Preoccupation can do a lot of harm to the user because they might not have the required time to fulfill their commitment towards the relationship. There are many instances when the kids become extremely argumentative with parents to cover their faults.

Health issues: One of the severe disadvantages of video games is related to the health of the child. An individual with continuous exposure to games may become obese and get affected with life threatening disease over a period of time. Obesity is a modern day scourge for the people and causes more harm than good in the long run. In addition, with continuous exposure to the screen, the user might face infection in the eyes.
In order to ward off the problem, plan a schedule to play the video game but do not extend the time. Make sure that it doesn’t impact your daily life or else all the advantages can go down the drain resulting in tremendous problems.