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Positive and negative effects of gun control

Gun laws in the US are lax because the majority of people presume that it is their right to buy the weapons for their self-defense. All you need is valid identification documents to have the semi-automatic gun in hands that can be extremely helpful in case of any eventuality. There are positive as well as negative effective of gun control laws like any other aspect of life. Let’s analyze them in detail:


Advantages of gun control:

Denying access to guns: If criminals know that they can easily access the guns, the lure of committing robbery and theft might increase manifold. Imagine people moving everywhere with guns and somebody suddenly tries to turn nasty and starts shooting indiscriminately. The scenario is quite real and frightening, hence stronger gun laws are essential for the people.

Limit to the freedom: In the US and other countries, disgruntled employees might turn into a lone wolf and attack their close friends and work colleagues located in the close vicinity. It is, in fact, a disaster waiting to happen and occurs with amazing regularities in the US. Gun carrying individuals vouch for the freedom but the question is that is it suitable when kids and adults are being killed in the public gathering just because an idiot goes berserk?

Protecting the children: Stricter gun laws are essential to protect the lives of women and children. The majority of massacres involve the usage of licensed guns by perfectly sane individuals who go berserk in a moment of madness. Many people lose their lives and families get destroyed within minutes.

Stringent background check: Verification is essential to ensure that the person applying for the gun is not a maniac or a psychopath. A detailed report from the doctors should be analyzed by the authorities before permitting the usage of a gun. More than a million people were not able to access the gun because the background was not clean.

Disadvantages of gun control:

Encouragement to miscreants: Stricter Gun control laws are only for the citizens but not for criminals as they can source it through dubious means. Moreover, if the criminals know that ordinary citizens do not have arms, the desire to commit crimes increases. For instance, the city of Washington doesn’t allow people to keep handguns but the crime rate is quite high in the area. Therefore, strict gun laws do not have any significant impact on the murders and attacks.

Protection from criminals: Protection from criminals is only possible when you have the gun for protection. It plays an important role in preventing the burglars from barging into the house. Rather than making stricter gun laws, one should make laws against rape and robbery. It will go a long way in preventing the rise of crime rate in the country.

Crime rates go down: When people are able to get protection from criminals, the overall crime rate goes down and the society benefits to a great extent. More often than not, assault and semi automatic weapons are not used in the majority of firearms incidents in the country.