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Positive and negative effects of eBooks

Computer and the internet have revolutionized numerous industries right from defense to education. In past, people loved to read conventional books but technology has changed and they have become more interested in reading eBooks.

What are EBooks?

EBooks are electronic copies of the conventional book. They are loaded on the computer or the website. People can log into the web page and download according to their choices. Like any invention, eBooks too have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s analyze each of them.

Positive effects of ebooks

Easy accessibility: Compared to their conventional cousin, eBooks can be easily accessed from the website. Some of them are free; therefore you can download them on the computer without the fear of intellectual copyright violations. After downloading, you can disconnect the internet and read the book on the laptop or your PDA.

Environmental friendly: EBooks do not require cutting of trees as they are devoid of papers. A soft copy of the system is needed to read the content. Therefore, they do not cause harm to the environment.

Cost effective: Hard copies are costly because they require papers for printing the content. EBooks are cost effective as they exist in the virtual world. People can easily use different devices to read the content while they are on the move.

Storage: People require large cupboards to stock the books but their electronic counterparts do not face such problems. The user can increase the secondary storage capacity of the computer to store thousands of eBooks. It is a cheaper option preferred by the users.
Portability: In order to carry a hundred books from one place to another, you may require transportation. In contrast thousands of eBooks can be stored on a tablet while you are traveling. They provide portability and access to information at the press of a button.

Easy to use: While reading eBooks people can instantly jump to any page according to their choice. In conventional books, you are required to flip through the pages in a sequential manner to find the required content.

Boon for the elders and disabled: It is possible to resize the font of the eBooks on the computer benefiting people with weak eyesight due to old age. Disabled users can download software that would turn EBooks into audio versions.

Negative effects of ebooks:

Memory retention issue: According to experts, screen reading demands increased amount of mental energy. Therefore, readers face problems in retaining or memorizing the information. A recent survey concluded that students fed on EBooks didn’t perform well when compared to the ones reading classical versions. Moreover, persistent exposure to the gadget screen for hours may cause health issue to the users.

Intrusion into privacy: The company selling EBooks online to the customers might record their actions and use the annotations for marketing purposes. It is having a detrimental effect on the privacy and the intellectual freedom.

Loss of the real feel: Holding and reading the classical book makes you feel more grounded and real. EBook doesn’t provide the experience as it is similar to reading the content on the web page.