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Positive and negative effects of biotechnology

We all know how important is biotechnology today for us. But everything has pros and cons associated with it. Let’s take a look at the positive and negative side of biotechnology in this essay.

Everything in nature needs to have balance and thus is the case with the field of science and biotechnology as well. Biotechnology undoubtedly has brought a number of reforms in human, plant as well as animal life. Over the last decade, scientists have been able to modify plants, organisms, human beings as well as animals using various techniques and tools of biotechnology. Looking at the bright side of biotechnology, it has certainly improved the condition of human and animal living, but it also comes with its own share of disadvantages. Below are some of the positives as well as negatives of biotechnology.

Positives of Biotechnology

  1. Biotechnology has modified plants to have their very own pest- resistant traits, which makes the use of harmful pesticides and insecticides less common on the farms.
  2. With the help of biotechnology, we have been able to produce better tasting fruits as well as vegetables.
  3. Biotechnology has also given us several diagnostic kits which make it easier for human beings to detect pest infestation in plants and animals. The best part is that these diagnostic kits are very accurate and hence growers get a chance to rightly predict the amount as well as time when they should be using pesticides and other methods for maximum plant growth and cultivation.
  4. Plants have become more resistant to viruses and other communicable pests.
  5. A number of human and animal diseases have found cure and prevention, all thanks to biotechnology. There are vaccines which help in preventing as well as lowering the impact of illnesses, which is otherwise very difficult to control.
  6. Plants and animals are able to yield better fruits and dairy products with the help of biotechnology.
  7. Highly reliable, consistent and rapid enzymes have been created with the help of biotechnology. These enzymes play a major role in food processing as well as prevention.

Negatives of Biotechnology

  1. High cost of genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is a very vital part of biotechnology and the cost of transferring genes from one species to another is very expensive, which requires a huge amount of capital investment. The cost of producing genetically- modified plants and animals are sky- rocketing and the duration of return is also not predictable.
  2. Genetic engineering crosses boundaries of reproduction by crossing genes of species that are completely unrelated; hence giving rise to hazardous results as well as also increasing the risk of harming multiple species.
  3. When genetic material from certain viruses is used in the production of transgenic crops, there are chances that these virus genes will combine with crop genes to produce more destructive viruses. The consumption of such crops is hazardous to human health and can cause several life- threatening ailments. It can also result in cancer, often malignant as well.
  4. Biotechnology also poses a number of environmental threats. Genetically modifies crops often infect monarch butteries and other insect species.

The use of biotechnology should be restricted to enhancing the quality of life for plants, animals and human beings only. Anything beyond that is unnatural and highly disastrous to us.