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Negative effects of legalizing Marijuana

This essay is submitted by Adam Gooch who talks about the possible negative effects society will have to suffer by legalizing marijuana. You can also post your opinion on this topic in the comments below, but please don’t use the foul language, else your comment will be deleted by the moderators.

Majority of the marijuana users frequently request the legalization of marijuana in the entire country or at least their current states. However, these users have not yet conceived the effects that legal marijuana could have. Therefore, I am willing to bring forth an insight of the consequences related to the legalization of the drug. A simple comparison of the trends and effects of other legal and related drugs will be made, followed by other social costs likely to arise from the legalization of marijuana.

Vital messages can be obtained from the legalization of alcohol and cigarettes in the United States. Even though both drugs are commercially taxed and controlled, the tax profits the public receives are very much overshadowed by the unfavorable consequences of their use. Legalization of marijuana means its commercialization. Therefore, as a habitual good, commercialization of marijuana is expected to pick up a similar trend as alcohol and cigarettes. As an effect, tax returns to the civic community will not be able to compensate the health consequences on its users. Such a consequence stands as a catastrophic trade off.

The consequences of legalizing marijuana are not only financial, but also crooked to the social lives of all citizens. The new marijuana users would be referred to as adults if marijuana were to be made legal. This serves as a negative impact since the regulations imposed on age limits have never fully restricted the youth from abusing alcohol and cigarettes as well. Likewise, novel researches have revealed the likely risks of increased psychological and severe physical issues associated with using marijuana on the users’ bodies.

Specialists in the medical field claim that a change in the legal position of marijuana will negatively affect the entire community. I believe that the decriminalization of ownership of little quantities of marijuana is no different from the possession of huge amounts of the drug. Legalization of marijuana cannot be supported by sophisticated technical reports that display the huge returns the action will bring upon the economy and private firms. This is because the healthcare and moral standing of the people are as important to the society as wealth is.