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Essay on Narendra Modi

India runs of the bicameral legislature as it is a democratic country. It has the president as well as the prime minister who are solely responsible for the country’s welfare. Narendra Modi who is 14th PM of India belongs to BJP. In the present, he owns the status of MP from Varanasi. He also owned the status of Gujarat’s chief Minister for continuous four years. He has been known as the master strategist of his party.

Quick look at Narendra Modi’s life

1.    It originally belonged to the town named Vadnagar which is present in Gujarat. His birth date is 17th September and the year is 1950. Among his 6 siblings, he is 3rd eldest.
2.    He has finished all his studies besides being poor in financial status.
3.    In his childhood days, he owned tea stall which was located near state railway station of Ahmedabad.
4.    From the renowned Gujarat University, he has obtained Political Science Degree.
5.    He was called as a brilliant debater by one of his school teachers.
6.    He worked as a promoter for RSS.
7.    In 1990, he also worked as BJP Spokesperson for the region of New Delhi.
8.    In image management as well as public relations he has pursued three months course from the US.
9.    Somabhai, his elder brother was a health officer and recently owns “old-age home”
10.    Pankaj, who is the 3rd brother of Narendra Modi works at Gandhinagar’s Information Department.
11.    He is the only one person who has emerged winner of Lok Sabha election by the highest majority of votes.
12.    He received an award of Best CM in the year 2007.

A short essay on Narendra Modi

After coming into power and acquiring the title of “India’s Prime Minister” on twenty-six may 2014, he has announced full employment and support program for country’s entrepreneurs. The program was named as “Start-Up India, Stand-up India” for the betterment of job seekers. Through this medium domestic talent, as well as indigenous technologies, were recognized. Modi government revolutionized administrative services of India so as to ensure more competent government bureaucracy. Another major reform which was made by his government was the abolition of the planning commission and it was replaced by NITI Aayog. Diesel prices were also deregulated by his government. Liberalization was also made in the field of FDI and more investment was channelized toward numerous industries. He also introduced certain policies and programs like “Make in India” which encouraged foreign companies for manufacturing various goods in India. He introduced healthcare scheme for all Indians. “CLEAN INDIA” is a program for maintaining cleanliness in the country, it was launched in 2014.
His government also increased spending on modern arms and defense equipment’s as the military budget was increased to 11%.
A program named as Digital India was also launched in the year 2015. Electronic modes were introduced in offices, schools and colleges so as to lower down the paperwork. One of the biggest achievements of his government was enabling Wi-Fi technology all across the railway station of the country. Essay on Narendra Modi offers complete information about his work and achievement made since 2014.