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Essay on my mom

My mother was born in a small village in the district of Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh. As a little girl, she was outspoken and brilliant in studies however due to orthodox traditions, the family didn’t allow her to pursue education. She was not educated but was an epitome of higher values and ideals. Since I came into this world in the late 70s, I have known her as a determined lady who faced the adverse situation without complaining.

essay on mom

Perfect mother: We are four siblings and she raised us single-handedly. My father who was the manager of the now defunct Dalla state cement factory rarely found time to spent at home due to busy work schedule. Mom assumed the role of both father and mother imparting high standards and values in our lives.

Importance of education: Since an early age, she taught me how important is academics for the students. Therefore, I along with my brothers and sisters studied hard at school to pass with flying colors in the examination. Although she didn’t provide guidance, my mother instilled enough confidence to face challenges on my own.

Rock solid support: My mother provided me emotional support whenever I faced professional or personal failure in life. She was always there for me through thick and thin. As a kid when I fell ill, my mom used to wake up all night to check the temperature regularly. She also gave medicines that help me to recuperate quickly.

Imparting values: My mom told me about the importance of friends and family members in life. She provided me strength to resolve the problems that I faced not only as a kid but also as an adult. Her guidance proved to be crucial in making me a strong person that I am today.

Mental strength: After completing college, I had to pursue graduation in Russia. Sending me abroad was a difficult decision for her because she loved me a lot however for the sake of my career, my mother controlled her emotions. They were testing times for me and her as we both were separated by two nations.

Her illness: 10 years ago, my brother informed me that mother was suffering from breast cancer and she may not survive for a very long time. It was a bolt from the blue nevertheless mom surprisingly remained quite composed. Due to her tremendous mental prowess, she withstood the after effects of chemotherapy. We knew that she was undergoing physical pain but mom never complained. Although doctor predicted that she may live for only 6 months but treatment had a huge effect on her health. Mother recovered quickly in spite of bleak prognosis.

Unconditional love: She was very forgiving but taught us the value of discipline in life. Due to her effort, I came to know the importance of time and hard work.

Conclusion: True to her nature, she passed away peacefully 10 years ago but her memories are still alive in my heart. Her demise has a created a huge void which can never be filled.

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