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Living between two cultures essay

Globalization has increasingly led to an intermingling of the people using different electronic mediums such as the internet. Some of them became lifelong friends in spite of belonging to different nations and culture. There are various advantages in living in the bi-cultural environment. Some of them are as follows:

living between two culturesSocialization: Due to different cultures, people come in contact with other and learn a lot about the values, behavior and the language. It is a new world for the individuals to which they are introduced. Individuals living in a diverse society have the opportunity to learn lots of things that they otherwise might not get.

Friendship options: People make new friends with different ethnicities as they have similar intellectual levels. They can also meet compatible individuals who may stay with them for life. Diversity in friendship is essential to make the bond strong as well as long lasting.

Tolerance: Living a bicultural environment, partners become more tolerant and accommodative of each other’s views. Variety adds spice to the life as you learn new facts about the cuisine and the language of an alien culture. The exposure is mesmerizing and would go a long way in making the person a better individual.

Trips: Living in the bicultural family has its own advantages as the trips become memorable. You are able to connect with the heritage and enjoy the experience to the hilt. Understanding of the cultures is essential to develop heterogeneous society.

Diverse traditions: The bicultural atmosphere at home plays a very important role in enriching the traditions to a great extent. Unique family traditions are created from different heritages. It is bound to make the experience more enriching and worthwhile.

Creating a wider network: If you are friendly to different cultures, it is easier to make friends and spread the network far and wide. As a result, one can easily grow personally as well as professionally. People who refrain from mixing with other cultures may find difficult to enhance their understanding and thinking.

Living in a new environment: Adjustment in a bicultural environment can be difficult however compatibility in behavior can overcome all difficulties without any problem. For instance, if you are living a foreign country, you will be introduced to local culture and cuisine. Expatriates living in far off lands tend to be more successful, experienced and adept at handling tasks of varying complexities.

Innovative thinking: People working in a different cultural environment are bound to be successful because they develop a new approach to solving real world problems. They not only appreciate the differences but also try to find why the difference exists. Corporations with multiple offices in various nations might notice that workers from a certain country tend to be more productive. They identify the factors and try to implement them in their native place. It boosts the productivity and encourages people to take out of the box approach.

Wide exposure: Living with two cultures helps to eliminate narrowness and prejudices of the brain. As a result, the personality of an individual becomes better and appealing.

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