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Internet Censorship: Is It Really Necessary?

Internet has grown many folds during the last few years and today it has provided the human race with immense power to be able to communicate with people sitting in any other part of the world while also providing us with information of every kind! Human beings have become more expressive than ever with the power of social media available at their fingertips. However, lately we have been hearing a lot about the need to censor the content that is made available to us on the internet. There is a complete different set of thoughts from people who feel that there is no such need for regulating the use of internet. The truth is that with the great power that internet has imposed us with, there also comes a sense of increased responsibility among the users.

With internet censorship gaining support as well as opposition, there arises the question if internet censorship is really a necessity in today’s internet scenario.

internet censorship

Let us take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of internet censorship.

Advantages of internet censorship:

  1. Protecting young minds of children

Today the internet is high on pornographic content and it is a known fact that children are very impressionable when they are exposed to adult content at such a tender age. When internet censorship comes into force, it will help parents in analyzing and controlling the online content that their children will have access to. Teens, often out of their curiosity, search for such content on the internet and parents often have no idea about it. This is where internet censorship is favored by a lot of people so that they are able to limit their child’s exposure to online content for their own good.

  1. Reduction in number of illegal activities

In our country, law and order are always seen dragging manpower as well as cases for far too long and as a result, justice is often served after several years. Internet censorship is a great way of combating the number of illegal activities taking place around us. There are videos, movies and pictures posted by several terrorist units and commoners which are illegally downloaded and viewed. Censorship of the internet will create a safe environment where there will be pure entertainment provided to viewers without any threat to the society.

Disadvantages of internet censorship:

  1. Decrease in freedom of expression

Freedom of expression is one of our key rights and with internet censorship, it is going to get affected to a very large extent. Internet today is a highly creative space and censoring it will limit the extent of growth of our ideas and minds. It will also affect people who are today using the internet for delivering important information to others.

  1. Decreased access to vital information

Along with removing all the offensive content from internet, we will also lose our access to some of the highly required as well as useful information as well. Along with people who surf the internet just as a time pass, there are also plethora of people who use it for education and other important purposes. The removal of such useful information will deprive people of their source of information and their right to grow as well.


So, what do you think? Should there be any censorship on Internet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.