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Importance of the importance of being earnest: The Magical Power

It is widely said that the origin of the word sincere can be traced back to the works of sculptors and goldsmiths. Hardworking and honest crafts-persons who used to make works of art without any imperfections, marketed such pieces under the label of sine cera (without wax), which is a way of advertising the authenticity of their artworks to the mass. Such is the brief history of how the term sincere came into existence, and since then, it is used to refer to anyone who is genuine.

If people are to be instructed to nominate just one aspect that can gauge job satisfaction and a business organization’s contributions to their clients, then one should not look beyond sincerity. It is vital for the end users, for the business corporations, and most significantly, for one’s true inner self and conscience.

When a manufacturer or a provider is creating a service or a product, the objective is to offer the consumers something which has been fabricated with care, authenticity, and consideration. A person may be tempted to cut corners in one’s career, but it is none other than sincerity which will propel an individual forward.

But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.

1 Timothy 1:5

Importance of being earnest

Earns credibility

It is one such quality that is a by-product of sincerity and honesty. Credibility creates a positive image of an employee in front of the employer, earns enormous respect from the co-workers and peers, and also makes a person eligible for those brownie points that play a crucial role in shaping the course of one’s professional career. A priceless trait like credibility can only be earned by remaining consistent over the years.

Gains respect via task-based clarity

Lame excuses and false promises are the last things that the management expects from their workforce. Though there are a few distinct instances when failure is not a viable alternative, people can afford to be honest at other times about the odds of a job getting accomplished successfully during a particular period. One may choose to be boisterous, but when that person fails to finish the task after the promised period of time, it attracts the wrath of the seniors and colleagues as well. On the contrary, if an individual is transparent about what one can achieve and what cannot, it indicates the ability of that person to be upfront and to remain clear in the thought process, and this attitude earns much respect from the co-workers and also the employer.

Facilitates the building of trust and faith among the peers

Sincerity reflects the burning desire inside a person to achieve one’s primary objectives irrespective of the circumstances. Once an employee has earned an impeccable reputation for delivering the results as well as attaining duties, one’s peers start to build a special trust which is indeed priceless in itself. And it often proves to be immensely beneficial in such exceptional situations when an employee is performing worse than that individual is actually capable of, as the management will still be confident that the person in question will compensate for lost progress pretty soon.

Ensures a secure employment

Job security is one such thing that keeps bothering every employee. While absolute security translates to complete peace of mind, threatened security prevents a worker from functioning coherently. Honesty and sincerity are the two must-have virtues, by which one can eliminate potential suspicions, and this guarantees an additional layer of faith from the management that happens to be pretty beneficial at the time of performance appraisal.

Helps one to become unimpeachable

Backstabbing, office politics, and scheming are pretty much standard in almost all the workplaces. In such adverse situations, when the opposing forces are trying to corner a sincere and honest employee, that person will overcome every hurdle for sure. It is because politicking co-workers try to utilize one’s mistakes against that individual, and by demonstrating the rarest of rare traits of highest levels of sincerity and honesty, a person is bound to commit none. In such turbulent times, the ones that press the trigger are always the ones that bite the dust.


Sincerity is pretty much similar to a chain reaction. The day when self-realization strikes and one becomes sensitized, whether or not that person is sincere about pursuing individual and collective goals, it is indeed a defining moment that calls for a celebration. This sincerity encourages a person to further inculcate a multitude of valuable traits like passion, focus, perseverance, hard work, and tenacity.

In the present era of turmoil, much of the humanity has begun to believe more in other things than sincerity, and while they do provide with quick fame and rapid materialistic success, people are increasingly experiencing difficulty in maintaining their positions at the very top of the corporate ladder. All those people who are to ignore the most fundamental principles of life like sincerity and honesty are often to succumb to greed and impulsiveness, which can be attributed for their epic downfall. On the contrary, a virtue like sincerity allows a person to maintain all the attention on the goal instead of all the perks that it offers.

Sincerity is the very foundation on which young people of the society will start building their monument of unconventionality. It is one such invisible string that bonds one to the goal that person is trying to accomplish. It is no surprise that sincerity is and will always remain the primary driving force to achieve success in life. It is not meant for everybody, but for those who can instill the unquantifiable value of sincerity and also help others imbibing it, awaits a life of eternal bliss, solitude, and happiness. Such is the magic of being earnest that it cannot be expressed in mere words.

Hold faithfulness and sincerity as first principles.