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Importance Of Technology For Teachers

Technology For Teachers

Technology is evolving with a lightning speed. Imagine when learning is mixed with technology wonderful outcomes will be there. Education would be evolving with the impact of technology when in student & teacher’s hand. Teaching in a physical classroom remained the dominant form of delivering lectures for a good number of centuries. But setbacks of traditional teaching styles led to the development of online learning or multimedia teaching.

Computer based effective teaching offers powerful, interesting and new way of providing knowledge to students. So, for effective teaching with new technology every teacher needs to know about technology. Teachers need to know how to operate & integrate the tools effectively. Effective teachers maximize the potential of the technology to develop student’s understanding and stimulate their interest to improve subject proficiency. Technology can be used strategically to provide better access for learning and concept clearance.

Today all the educational institutes maximize the potential of student learning through the implementation of computational tools. They ensure that not only students but teachers must have better access to technology and knowledge of the tools. Multimedia approach of education like use of audio-visual tools & devices for better understanding of concepts has widely been set up in almost all the institutes. This led to speedy and effective learning and that might be non-volatile. Today, the teacher’s role is not merely limited to reading books, for conceptual clearance they might refer to internet technology and so share the same with their students. For this, educators should be aware and informed about the tools. Use of internet tools can be fun, attractive and pretty exciting. By the use of technology educator can:

  • Make the boring lectures far interesting by delivering dynamic presentations using MS PowerPoint.
  • Through advocating videos, a student’s interest can be enhanced in a particular topic . There are abundant lectures on teachertube, edutube etc. that could be reviewed in reference.
  • Use of internet tools like RSS feed, virtual world or classroom, Workgroup tools opens up wide edges of learning. The list just goes on & on and the potential is endless.
  • WiZiQi enables teachers & learners to teach and learn online trespassing the barriers of distance, time and cost.

Students use internet tools on a regular basis and using internet technology by a teacher for educating students in a classroom means that teachers will be talking to them in their language that leads to broad understanding. So learning a little about these tools is not a bad deal. These tools are low cost and might be free that come for a trial run. These tools can be used to support classroom teaching or distance learning. So it goes beyond the geographical and physical barriers to provide learning. Technology opens vast opportunities that could never have been possible previously.