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Importance of Teamwork

There is a popular saying that declares, “A team that works together, achieves together”. Now, a slight modification of this can highlight an often acknowledged reality: a team that operates in unison undoubtedly has maximum chances of success. Teamwork, or the blissful mingling of co-workers, constitutes an important aspect that smoothens the path of success of any endeavor. It is thus, relevant in all phases of life.

Why is Teamwork Important at Workplace: Benefits and Advantages

Importance of Teamwork

Ensures Greater Efficiency of Workers

A team, where all members happily work together implies that each one is aware of the strengths and drawbacks of the other. Consequently, such a team is better disposed in distributing duties among its workers or deciding who would be the leader. Since all members are competent in their respective areas, the outcome is accurate and quick.

Creates Opportunities for New Ideas

A team that works in harmony involves an unrestrained exchange of opinions among its different staffs. All workers share their ideas, and consequently, the team becomes proficient in making the correct use of brainstorming information. For instance, a construction team operates efficiently only when its different groups comprising of engineers, architects, investors share their views harmoniously. There can be disagreements but that should not stop the flow of ideas.

Works as a  Great Support System

A group consisting of members that trust each other serves as a strong motivating factor in times of crisis. Challenges are common in every workplace, but any stressful situation can be skillfully overcome when team members confront it together. This support mechanism many times helps in achieving a particular target despite all odds.

For instance, when a worker gladly volunteers to do extra work in case his colleague remains absent, it is an example of productive team spirit. Particularly in an army, when soldiers are surrounded by unknown adversaries and stationed at unheard-of places, the support of a team helps in triumphing over emotionally strenuous situations.

Important Aspects of Effective Teamwork


A team operates efficiently only when its members can freely communicate with one another. For instance, in a hospital, where each and every life is valuable, proper collaboration and useful relaying of vital information between nurses and doctors can aid in giving a patient quality healthcare. Thus, communication skills are an essential requisite for any team to gain success.


It is only through the active collaboration of inmates that a company or an organization achieves its goal speedily. Individual accomplishments do not materialize until and unless all team members put in their expertise and work in a united manner. For maximum cooperation, every member should also be respectful towards each other. For instance in most sports, if team members do not collaborate with each other, then that particular team can never succeed.

Understanding Roles and Responsibilities

A team does not face any difficulty in completing any arduous work when all its members are acutely aware of individual duties and roles. Each one knows what is expected of him and thus, the quality of work also improves. For instance in any avenue of the hospitality industry, say a hotel, if a manager does not realize what he orders he needs to give to his workers, they would be clueless and it might create havoc. However, responsibilities should be undertaken willingly by every inmate, or else it may result in poor performance and delay.

Resolution of Conflict

Conflict is an unavoidable constituent of any work, and it may arise due to various reasons – there may be a clash of ideas or competition for leadership. A team succeeds when all workers feel that they have made some contribution to the betterment of the team. For instance, in a business among four members, if one member’s ideas are always neglected, slowly he would have no interest in the workings of the team. Hence, if any conflict erupts, different points of view of all members should be patiently listened to, and then a resolution should be sought.

The classic tale of a race between a tortoise and a hare was given a rather interesting twist in a certain advertisement; after narrating the original story for some time, the duo was shown to run as a team. The intended result? It was revealed that both had taken the shortest time in working together. Now, the same principle applies to our lives too. Hence, recognizing the tremendous value of teamwork, parents and teachers should put a lot of emphasis on teaching kids about its application in day-to-day life so that they achieve the maximum in life.