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Importance Of Social Media Technology

Few years back, say in the early 2000’s if you would ask the definition of social media to someone, he/she would need to refer to a dictionary. But today, if you ask the same to someone, even a young kid, he’d probably give you a list of social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many more. What makes social media so famous? What is the role of social media in our lives today? We’ll be discussing it here!

Importance Of Social Media

Changing Role Of Social Media’s In Our Lives:

Around 4-5 years back, social media was an online meeting place where you could find your family, friends and other people no matter how far they live. It was referred to as a place to make friends. But times changed, and now social media is a vital part of our life, from chatting to marketing and money making. Everything is today possible through social media. Below are some of the main usages of social media’s in today’s society:

Promoting your business: With millions of users, don’t you think social media platforms are the best place to promote your brand or business? Even social media sites like Facebook and Twitter has special ad programs which will increase your visibility throughout the site and will charge you a small amount for the promotion.

Politics: Gone are the time when political discussions were not held publicly. People often use social media to raise their concern against certain political issues and to gather against certain political agenda. Even ministers and other government officials choose social media services to have talks with the normal people and address their issues.

Showing off your talent: Social Media is the right place to show off your skills and talents to your friends as well as the open world. Many people use social media to show off their skills like singing, dancing etc. and also many people make money by utilizing freelancing opportunities that they get.

Chatting with your favorite celebrities:  Would not you like to hear or get a reply from your favorite film, sports or television star? Wouldn’t you feel great when they reply to your questions and laugh reading your comments? Well, you know I’m talking about Twitter. Yes, almost all celebrities from singers to sports stars have their account in Twitter and always love to hear from their fans. Well, even though you cannot see dozens of celebrity account in Facebook, but still some popular celebrities have their account in Facebook as well as Google Plus too!

Get updated with latest happenings: In this busy world, some people don’t have time to get updated with the latest political as well as social happenings around them. Nowadays these kind of busy people can find every latest updates on almost every sector through social media. Even international new agencies like the BBC has their social media pages where they share the latest happenings in the world in capsule forms, so that busy people can find these bits of information in their social media profiles and still be updated on what’s happening in their society, no matter how busy they are!

Social media has become an important part of our lives today, do share your thoughts on this topic in the comments below.


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3 responses to “Importance Of Social Media Technology”

  1. Usher says:

    Social media is a vital tool for businesses these days, specially for small business. I run a restaurant in a small town and we have Facebook page and twitter account for our business. We offer special discounts for our followers. This has increased our business 20%. When someone interacts with you on social media sites, you reaches to their friends too, thus it helps in promoting your business to new people.

    And no doubt, celebrities are getting the most out of social media.

  2. Pooza angel says:

    Ya social media plays a great role in our life

  3. J yadav says:

    Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace allows people to share a lot such as updates, photos, biographies and even share interests. The internet has also enabled faster communication in the sense that people get instant feedback on their communications (Page, 2011). This can be accomplished through chats, emails and skyping. The elite and businessmen have taken this cue when posting updates about themselves and their products. This mechanism often ends up drawing a lot interests from their audiences, given huge number of users engaged in these medium every day. For instance the “Gangnum style” by Psy a South Korean musician managed over one billion views on YouTube yet majority of those who watched the video heard nothing and still the music is nothing but merely about entertainment with no message in it. The social sites have eroded boundaries between nations and continents and for instance somebody can know the thoughts of Wayne Rooney in an instant when he writes his tweets on the twitter platform.

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