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Importance of Sleep

Sleep is undoubtedly one of the most essential requirements for the human body to function properly. It plays a very important role in ensuring the wellness of the human body both physically as well as mentally. In fact, the importance of sleep is clear from the fact that it helps you in maintaining a good lifestyle throughout our entire lifetime. Not only does it help maintain our physical and mental health; rather it also helps in maintaining a decent and healthy lifestyle along with ensuring safety from a number of fatal diseases.

importance of sleep

Why good sleep is really important for good health?

It is usually said that the mood in which you wake up is largely dependent on the type of sleep you have been in. This in itself is a big proof of the importance of sleep in our lives. While sleeping, our body finally gets its share of rest and it also gets ample time in rejuvenating from all the wear and tear that it went through during the entire day. Not only this, the body is in its own working condition when we are sleeping as this is the time when it supports the healthy functioning of the brain as well as physical attributes of our body. How many times have you been suffering from headache and then you sleep for some time and find the pain to have vanished? This is the effect that a sound sleep session has on your mind as well as body.

Sleep is not only important for grown up individuals and people who go to work; rather it is also very essential for small babies and children in their growing up years as well. In small children, sleep supports the growth as well as development of their mind and body and hence is a non- negotiable activity necessary for all human beings.

Sleep aids in the proper functioning of the human brain and its deficiency can cause several different health issues in people. There are several chronic health issues which arise when the human body is not getting its desired rest and sleep. This in turn affects the way an individual’s body works and also affects their entire personal as well as professional life cycle.

Sleep ensures emotional well- being

When we fall asleep, our brain is preparing us for the tasks ahead in the next day and this is why we are able to think and remember tasks during the entire course of the day with also learning new things. A sound and good night’s sleep ensures better learning abilities in human beings and also stimulates the mind to learn extracurricular skills like playing a piano and learning music much easier.

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A person’s ability to make decisions, remember things, pay attention as well as creativity is all dependent on the amount of sound sleep they are managing to get on a daily basis. There are several behavioral issues also associated with lack of sleep and this includes becoming recluse both at home and at workplace.

Getting enough sleep is one of the necessities in life and it helps in making an individual sharp and smart over the span of their lifetime.

Bonus: This video from SciShow explains the importance of sleep in depth.


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4 responses to “Importance of Sleep”

  1. Mukesh says:

    I don’t think adults need 8-9 hours of sleep everyday. Indian PM Narendra Modi sleeps for just 4 hours and you can imagine the work he has to do everyday. So, if you meditate and do yoga, you can stay health with less amount of sleep too.

  2. Tara says:

    Loved the video, thanks for this amazing article showing the importance of sleep.

  3. Ahmed says:

    Someone tell this to my mom 😛 She won’t let me sleep enough 😀

  4. chanel Ashley says:

    I believe a good sleep of 5-6 hours is much better than a disturbed sleep of 8-9 hours. When you are going to sleep, make sure your bed is clean and comfy, room temperature is optimal, don’t think too much and relax, listen to some soothing music. When you wake up after a good sleep, you feel refreshed, but when you wake up after a bad sleep, you feel tired and fatigue.

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