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Importance of research: Why Research is a Need and Not Barely an Imperative

The primary objective of any research activity is to inform any action. Thus, one’s study should aspire to contextualize the outcomes within the bigger body of research. Research must never compromise with its quality to produce such knowledge that can be applied outside the peripheries of the research study settings. Furthermore, the findings of a study may very well have policy implications and future project implementation.

The insatiable human desire to explore and aggregate knowledge, develop more abilities, gratifying one’s sense of astonishment, networking with others, and understand the society they live in is an integral component of research. Perpetuating and propagating truths, as well as busting myths and lies call for fearless, inquisitive minds and utmost integrity. As the world keeps evolving, doing research turns out to be more significant as a skill that offers enduring rewards.

Benefits of research

A tool for efficient learning and building knowledge

Research is needed not just for academicians and students, but for all kinds of professionals. It is also crucial for wannabe and veteran writers, irrespective of the media they write for, digital or print.

Among scribes and professionals, looking for an intriguing topic for discussion and/or writing should go way beyond one’s anecdotal experience. Finding out what the ordinary people may wish to know or what the researchers want other people to realize or to ponder upon can serve as one of the compelling reasons for doing research.

The Brain Research Trust or the BRT acknowledges the significance of research, which is vital to discovering potential cures of diseases, and also finding out how to prevent their proliferation. Thus, research is compulsory to substantiate if one’s ideas are validated by past studies, or if they still require more evidence to be universally accepted as knowledge.

Means to comprehend various issues

Movies and TV shows are crammed with research, conducted by the writers and the actors as well. Though some hosts do rely on their researchers, others make a point to perform their own research. It provides them with all the information that the hired researchers missed, builds a good relationship with the person being interviewed, and takes a good interview.

A number of movie and TV actors would interview sleuths, boxers, business owners, scientists, teachers, and also the criminals. Others are likely to seek an immersive experience to help in identifying with their respective character and the inherent issues, such as residing in drug rehab or a reformatory. Many of them would browse literature, journals, or biographies to get a more meaningful context and a better view of the story.

Helps the businesses to be successful

Research is beneficial for commercial companies. Many successful business organizations, like the ones producing mass-market items or consumer goods, invest nothing less of a fortune in research and development activities.  Various business industries that are heavily dependent scientific and technical or engineering processes; such as agriculture, manufacturing, food and beverage, healthcare and pharma, semiconductor, software, information and communication technology or ICT, robotics, construction, aviation, aerospace, and energy have pretty high budget allocations for R&D because it is essential to process improvisation and product innovation.

Means to discover, gauge, and grab opportunities

Research aids people to foster their potential and accomplish goals through numerous opportunities. They can be a job, training grants, scholarships, project funds, budget traveling, and business collaborations.

For those searching for an employment or greener pastures, research is necessary. With the help of this method, not only the jobless increase the odds of finding future recruiters either via headhunters or employment sites, but it informs them if those jobs are legit as well. Without research, the credulous, yet optimistic job-hunter or migrant worker may be trapped by the unscrupulous employers involved in human trafficking or illegal recruitment practices.

After zeroing in on a low-cost or free academic program or skills development course, professionals and students can gauge their eligibility and know about the requirements for applications and associated deadlines. Such opportunities are going to hone their knowledge and skills, and improve their networking abilities, for sure.

A precursor to developing important skills like reading, writing, analyzing, and sharing meaningful information

The painstaking and time-consuming process of proper research involves reading as well as writing. These two cognitive functions aid in stimulation of computation and comprehension. Without these abilities, the likelihood of anyone appreciating and engaging in research is less. Reading takes the mind to the shores of an unfathomable sea of knowledge, while reading helps a person using one’s perspective and turn it into a more tangible idea that person understands.

In addition to reading and writing, speaking and listening are also crucial in conducting research.  Taking part in knowledge-centric events, attending interviews, and also chit-chatting with anyone indeed helps in preparing research topics. They can also aid one’s critical thinking process. Listening to specialists discussing the benefits of their studies assists the listener to analyze a particular issue and document such analysis successfully.


Well-performed research is crucial for the global health endeavors to be successful. Not only does it play an instrumental role in forming the founding principles of program development and policies around the world, but research can also be transformed into effective world health programs. Its greatest strength, perhaps, lies in the fact that research itself is empirical; and rather than merely conceptualizing about what could work or what might prove to be effective, research scientists take the trouble to arrive at the actual scenario, and formulate studies enable the policymakers raw data collected from the fields, on which the people in power can base their decisions. Furthermore, quality research employs replicable methodologies, produces peer-verifiable outcomes, and creates repositories of first-hand knowledge applicable to real-world circumstances. Researchers function as a group to enhance and improvise the people’s present to best address their pressing problems from the unforeseen future.

No one undertakes research in physics with the intention of winning a prize. It is the joy of discovering something no one knew before.

Stephen Hawking