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Importance of Reading

Known to all, a few decades ago there were no computers, televisions, mobile phones for any sort of entertainment. All we had to rely upon for knowledge, wisdom and leisure activities were just books. Back then people would just read and imagine what was just composed. Let’s just accept it; with the inclusion of all these new modes of entertainment in this stressful life, people have forgotten to read as much as they did earlier. It hass become more of a burden for children than it might have for our older generations.

importance of reading
It will be no surprise to know, teenagers fond of reading tends to have higher IQ’s than their counterparts. They are more creative and susceptible to perform better in both their school and college life. Perhaps, it is always a better choice to inculcate this habit in the initial years of a child. Undoubtedly, not only does reading enhance our vocabulary but even accelerates in building a strong emotional bond between a child and their parents. It has been observed; children who tend to develop reading habits at an earlier age tend to grasp variances in phonics a lot better and have good language skills compared to the ones who are not into reading.
Reading is an important habit of the people; however, some treat it as a waste of time. Normally we tend to spend a lot of time on Facebook and twitter neglecting the age-old practice of reading. There are numerous benefits associated with them:

1.    Enhanced Reading Skills of Children – Practice makes a man perfect and why wouldn’t it be in the case of toddlers. In fact, reciting the words and passages aloud always help us to have a clearer pronunciation. This step if always a building block in making children more comfortable in recognizing words themselves and being able to pronounce them correctly.

2.    Brain Exercise – Much like solving mathematics, reading also tends to strengthen and build more strong brain connections. Of course, for non-readers, the more complex neuron binding, the more intelligent you are. So don’t just allow your child to learn via television as reading contributes more in enhancing his/her brain. Get them good books from which they can read and learn.

3.    Develop Better Concentration – The concept behind reading pushes children to sit quietly so that they can focus and understand what the text says. If this habit is developed, it’s easier for them to perform this activity for much longer time duration.

4.    Mental stimulation of the brain – One of the most important benefits of reading is that it helps to stimulate the cerebrum by enhancing the analytical skills. For instance, if you are reading a story, the plot and the characters tend to impact the psyche and help us to formulate an independent opinion. People who are fond of reading are blessed with the quality of independent thinking.

The above-mentioned reasons clearly state the importance of reading. Parents should motivate their children to read as much as possible and develop their interest in it.

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