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Importance of never give up: When Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

It seems that life always presents everybody with various challenges and hurdles on an almost daily basis. It goes right when people are anticipating it to turn left, provides with oranges when apples are being wished, even offers seemingly nasty surprises that are not expected, and bloats everyone with slippery emotions that come with loads of unhappiness and mediocrity.

It is natural for people to feel like giving up in their lives when nothing goes the way they are planned, and the unforeseen future appears bleak at its very best. Nonetheless; what happens to people does not make much difference, instead what people choose to do with what happens to them decide where they will be ending up, what they will have and also how they are going to be transformed by all the experienced they gathered to date.

It would be a great mistake to say that success comes to a person at one’s maiden attempt. Many a time people have to struggle for months or even for years before they can climb to the position they always dreamed. The journey will be a rough one; accompanied by innumerable setbacks, and if they are to give up every time they encounter a roadblock, it will not be possible ever to accomplish anything.

Most important reasons why one should never give up

The feeling of being satisfied is priceless

Perhaps the most significant advantage of not quitting is the priceless satisfaction one gets at the end of the road. The goals or objectives may appear tough or virtually impossible to achieve, but it will never really be known unless one has made a try. It is none other than the cumulative effects of persistent trying that make one finally comprehend whether the goal is accomplishable or not. If people are to give up without trying, or when the first signs of failure surface, they will always have this bothering thought of re-evaluating their decisions to give up. If an individual has dared to make a number of attempts before finally calling it a day; one will know for sure that it was doable at all, or otherwise, as that person gave it only the best of the best efforts.

Failure is the pillar of success

If people are to give up after the first mistake is committed, they will be able to understand where they went wrong, but they will never learn how to do things in a proper manner. Every time an individual encounters a mistake and does not succeed to achieve one’s goal, that person will be aware of one more thing which is not supposed to be done, when compared to those of the past. And in this manner, solely employing the process of elimination, everybody will be able to get closer to their respective goals, and eventually will be in a position to formulate an error-free strategy of getting things done.

It actually begins at the end of one’s journey

If people are to give up after the first or second lap, or even before the race has started, they will never get an opportunity to discover what awaits them at the end of their journey. The only secret mantra one needs to master to reach to the top is perseverance, and the view up there will be breathtaking. There is no alternative for hard work, and there is no shortcut to success. Only patience can reap the sweet fruits of labor.

It is a dog-eat-dog world

The world today people live in is a reasonably competitive one, which necessarily means that every time people let go of their dreams, someone else will be making them their own. Millions are chasing the very same dream all of their lives, and if someone does not maintain consistency while attempting to achieve anything, somebody else will happen to live those dreams and the person quitted will be spending a life mired in jealousy and regret. As long as one wishes to stay in the forefront of the race, giving up is really not a viable alternative.

Self-Help is the best help

If people give up on chasing their goals after a single attempt, or without making any attempt at all, they will never get to know the proper way to do things. Failure tells an individual that one is doing something wrong, forces that person to change the present course of action, and also imparts valuable knowledge about new things.  An individual is required to remain updated if one wants to realize the dream that a person desires to achieve, as repeating one’s mistakes does not make any sense at all. By working on various methods to get things done, one achieves perfection and becomes a specialist in the very field that person belongs.

The power of self-reliance is more than magical

When people get into the habit of working hard for success, they typically become confident and independent. They do not require any more for relying on the help of other people, as they gradually become pretty certain about their capabilities. And as they do not quit from achieving their dreams, they have zero regrets and do not require others help all the way along.


There are some moments in life when one needs to step back. However, it should never be confused with the act of giving up. It merely indicates that the person has done everything one could and recognized that nothing more could be done. There does exist this subtle difference between stepping back and giving up. While the former gives a sense of dissatisfaction and defeat, the latter brings a feeling of consolation that one has at least made an attempt.

Rome was not built in a day. Everyone should remember this age-old idiom when the feeling of quitting starts to be a legitimate thought. Nobody can build an entire empire in just a day, no business house can transform into a multi-million-dollar venture in just a single day, and no one can afford to throw an idea in the garbage as long as all the resources are yet to be exhausted and all the efforts are yet to be made.

Many books can be written about how to redraft one’s life, and at times those drafts require to be edited and updated many times before the final version can be published. Period.