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Importance of entrepreneurship: Be Your Own Boss

There are many people who are yet to realize the hard fact the company that hired them is running for profit. If the numbers on the balance sheets fail to match, they will downsize and cut corners, increasing the odds of giving them pink slips. The bottom line for all the business houses is profit, profit, and profit; which means they do not have the best interest of their employees in mind.

If a worker manages to remain with the same corporation until the very last day at the office, guess what that person gets? A handshake, one small plaque, and perhaps a pseudo-luxury watch made in China! And if this is what anyone does not wish to see for oneself, then it is high time to embrace entrepreneurship.

Top benefits of becoming an entrepreneur

One does not need to be at any place

Most people lose a few valuable hours every day battling traffic snarls to get to their offices. Not only that is annoying, but it is also about a vast amount of time being wasted.

As one’s source of income is determined by the place where that person is living, how is it possible for anyone to earn money when on vacation?!

By becoming an online entrepreneur, a person has all the liberty to run and manage the entrepreneurial business from the comforts of one’s home with just a laptop and an active internet connection. Mobile computing and high-speed wireless broadband technology can genuinely make a person as omnipresent as the God; as one can virtually be in any place in the world, yet, still be retaining the much-needed freedom and ability to work. For instance, a budding or established entrepreneur can resume work at a café while traveling to a new city and then may choose to spend the afternoon discovering that place.

One can make as much money as one wishes to

The traditional brick-and-mortar model for businesses requires a steady and adequate supply of consumers to continue earning revenues and stay profitable. As people need to sleep, relax, eat, and go to the office; most business houses can afford to remain open primarily at daytime and close their shutters at night. Also, the number of prospective buyers is restricted to whoever is proximate to and within the peripheries of the trade shop.

An E-Commerce portal runs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and three sixty-five days a year! And what more, an entrepreneur has the population of the entire Earth at one’s disposal as prospects. As the earning potential is not limited at all, raises can be more frequent!! All one is required to do is more value creation and help more and more people. The paychecks of an entrepreneur are decided by how much difference that person can make and bear no connection with the total amount of spent time at all.

One can choose the co-workers

Perhaps, the most crucial thing about being an entrepreneur is the freedom to select one’s colleagues. As people spend a pretty significant amount of their lives earning money, it is vital to seek the company of persons they aspire to remain surrounded by in the future. However, a regular nine to five job does not allow one to decide these things. Becoming an entrepreneur provides one with more options and also increased flexibility.

Boosts confidence and stimulates personal growth

As a payroll-worker, one can shift responsibility to any other co-worker. The work environment in conventional organizations is not conducive enough for the employees to leave their comfort zones. But entrepreneurs must and should make a point to ditch their comfort zones if they want to succeed.

There are significant risks a person is supposed to take if one is going to earn millions from home. Entrepreneurs do not have anybody to bank on, and so they are not left with any alternative but to put up a brave face before any unforeseen and unprecedented circumstances or obstacles.

By putting on the shoes of an entrepreneur, one transforms into a stronger individual and a stronger businessperson.

The true essence of independence

The secret to quickly launching a business is to grow one’s professional network and request favors. All entrepreneurs are amazingly independent and solve problems on their own. Anyone who chooses to spend a significant part of own lifetime, working for a senior manager, can be flabbergasted post-retirement for sure and after finding out how little independence that job really offered. Being an entrepreneur means learning to think independently and networking with people of own accord. It is one such freedom that many people had never had at their childhood, and that is why entrepreneurship feels so much invigorating and refreshing in the very beginning.

Contributing to the progress of the world

The millennial workers, who happen to make up the biggest share of the workforce, pretty often; are associated with the burning desire in their heart of hearts to make a loud impact. They demand purpose, what the entrepreneurs are actually doing. Their innovative and out-of-the-box solutions are creating significant impact and are contributing their fair share to the progress of the world. It would be a gross oversimplification and sheer stupidity to think of entrepreneurship as just starting and running one’s business.

Entrepreneurs are compelled to do things in a different fashion when they dream of a head start for their startups, and that very difference contributes to the progress of the world; even in an insignificant manner.

One does not require a fortune to get started

Most people cannot afford to shell out a hefty sum of money to purchase franchise rights or are unable to finance the amount required for the seed capital. It is no surprise that most of them have no option but to do nothing about it and continue with the present job.

The cost of acquisition for a domain and its hosting is not even peanuts. In sharp contrast to the traditional method of incubating a business, one does not require applying for a massive line of credit or even searching for business incubators and investors, to emerge as a digital entrepreneur harnessing the phenomenal powers of the World Wide Web. The learning curve is barely steep and if a person is not tech-savvy, hiring others is also pretty much affordable.


In addition to all the aforementioned reasons, the best things about being an entrepreneur by lifestyle, is people get a chance to experience the life they have always wanted for themselves and their families. Donning the shoes of a lifestyle entrepreneur is mentally stimulating, and it means the way one is making money sustains the present lifestyle of that person. It is firmly based on the values, passion, and strengths of an individual. When people enjoy what they do, it becomes easy to remain motivated when the going gets tough.

Entrepreneurship is often described as the greatest way to live one’s life.  Their number has risen after the financial crunch in 2008, and the numbers keep growing with each passing day. The most significant advantage of being one’s own boss is that it improves an individual as a person; and as people keep learning new skills and continue to grow, five years down the line, they will not be what they happened to be at that time.