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The Importance of Discipline in a Student’s Life

The virtue of discipline is an inseparable constituent in a student’s life. It defines adherence to a set of norms that ultimately help him in achieving success. The impulse to follow them may come from within, or induced by a parent or teacher; either way, the practice of imbibing discipline in daily life aids a student to mature into a responsible citizen and make significant contributions to his society.

Importance of Classroom Discipline

Classroom Discipline

As a student obeys his teacher and remains quiet in class or understands that he has to patiently stand in a queue at school to receive his copy, his behavior becomes refined and polished and several traits, such as adjustment, responsibility, and respect, are kindled for the long run. Gradually, he evolves into a social citizen whose good manners are appreciated by all.

Some important disciplinary rules to be followed by students in a classroom are:

  • To raise one’s hand when he needs to ask the teacher something
  • To respect another student’s property
  • To be well mannered at all times
  • To always follow directions of the teacher
  • To avoid getting involved in quarrels and fights

Why is Self-Discipline Important in School and at Home

To Resist Temptations and Peer Pressure

In today’s world, more and more students are facing the lure of becoming ultra modern by resorting to drugs and alcohol. However, the urge to be disciplined dictates oneself not to get swayed by those distractions that symbolize only destruction.

To Remain Focused in His Endeavors

Failures are common in a student’s life, but if he gets daunted by them and embraces a wayward life, then success becomes almost unattainable. Insistence towards a disciplined life triggers him to remain dedicated in his zeal and thereby achieve his goal, be it passing an exam or playing an important match.

To Gain Perfection in Education and Beyond

A student’s disciplined lifestyle, comprising of dedication and perseverance aids him in attaining excellence. He becomes habituated to work hard so that finally he gets what he has aimed for. Eventually, this boosts his self-confidence and self-esteem as he grows up to enter the real world.

To Impart a Certain Direction in Life

A child who, right from the beginning, observes good habits such as doing homework on time, keeping his room tidy or sleeping early, moves along a particular path that makes his life organized and sorted. He knows what he needs to do at the right time and seldom faces problems.

A student’s life without discipline is much like an aimless ship. Just as the ship does not know where it is headed, so too an undisciplined student has no clear objectives, he may bear a rich background, but it cannot bring him success in the truest sense. Parents and teachers should, therefore, encourage children to lead disciplined lives and it must be inculcated with joyfulness and pleasure.