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Importance of Communication

To ensure that you are able to convey your message effectively, you need to communicate properly with the other person. If you are not capable of communicating your message loud as well as clear to the other individual, he/ she will not be able to perceive the true meaning as well as motive behind your message. Communication plays a vital role in our everyday life with each one of us making use of different methods of communication for conveying our messages and for understanding the messages of others as well. We can also simply define communication as the act of exchanging expressions, information as well as thoughts.

importance of communication

Why good communication skills are important?

Communication can be both one way as well as two way depending on the number of individuals who are a part of the process. It is very important to have a good two way communication between your team, organization and even family members so that you are able to deliver your message and also get a chance to find out their apt response. One way communications usually have an individual communicating his/ her thoughts to the other person while the other person is simply listening to the message being conveyed to him. In other cases, one way communications are also seen in televisions as well as radios where the information is imparted to an individual or a large number of individuals via the satellite communication system with the people having no other pivotal role other than simply listening to the information.

The relevance of a two- way communication is usually seen in the case of speaking to people face to face. This is the case when two individuals are talking to each other and here an individual stops in between his sentences to get an appropriate response from the person he is talking to. In a two- way communication, both the parties are required to be equally involved so that the other person does not feel like he/ she is not being heard properly. Two way communications also hold relevance in the case of face to face as well as telephonic interviews when both the interviewer as well as the candidate are required to maintain healthy, direct as well as active communication with each other. In these cases, there is also the need for both the parties to maintain constant eye contact with each other.

7 C’s of effective communication:

  • Completeness
  • Conciseness
  • Consideration
  • Concreteness
  • Courtesy
  • Clearness
  • Correctness

Communication is the sole source of conveying our thoughts and dilemmas with other people. Through the use of healthy communication, almost all kinds of problems can be solved since all the parties involved are provided with a chance to put forward their thoughts as well as they are also assured that they are being heard during all points of time throughout the course of the process of communication. Whether professionally or personally, there is always the need to maintain a healthy and open- minded communication with people around you. Last but not the least, communication is an art which brings two individuals closer in the long run while also enabling them to understand each other’s thoughts easily.

Bonus: Watch this video to improve your communication skills

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7 responses to “Importance of Communication”

  1. Lokesh says:

    A great advantage of communication is that it helps us spread the knowledge and information among people. For example, a writer publishes book to share his/her experience with readers, teacher transmits his/her teachings to students, friends and colleagues discuss their ideas with each other and companies interact with consumers. In addition, the rise of the Internet not only allows us to have access to information of all kinds, but facilitates to have a closer contact with people around the world. Undoubtedly, the process of sharing knowledge and information would not have been possible without communication.

  2. Mantra says:

    God communication is really important for anyone. Research has shown that people with good communication skills always performs better, either in their profession or relationship. Communication is not an exchange of views between people, but an exchange whose purpose is to generate action. Communication is difficult, it is an art. It requires more than exchange of ideas; it also requires exchange of feelings, attitude, emotions. In human relationships most differences and disagreements arise from the lack of understanding among people.

  3. Debu says:

    Why is it important to communicate?
    Every manager has to acquire a set of skills to make their work more efficient. But why is it so important to communicate? Very simple, let ‘s see, what is the work of a manager? … Sit on the couch … no, the job of a manager is to analyze, diagnose, plan and control over some results or objectives…agree?

    Communication is the key process of a manager and is important because it is the flame that lights the fuse. There are decisions to make in an organization on different levels: strategic, tactical and operational. If the organization has to function properly, there must be a clear communication.

  4. David Miller says:

    Communication is an important tool for social change. It allows people to exchange their thoughts and feelings with each other. Those who can communicate fluently, they find it much easier to develop in all aspects of life.

    Today, there is much emphasis on the importance of communication between parents and children. It is essential for parents to talk to the children and especially listen to them, to make them good adults and fit to live in an increasingly demanding world.

    That’s why it is necessary to communicate with them. Role of the communication is to strengthen the bond with those around us, to understand their worries or concerns.

  5. Jay Patel says:

    The communication is also very important within organizations. It is not possible to carry out the teamwork without good communication. And it’s not just to avoid misunderstandings, but to maximize the potential of team members and achieve targets.

    Much of the problems, both within organizations and in personal life, are linked to inefficiencies to express and relate to others.

    A very important aspect of effective communication is listening. You should be a good listener as well. If you keep on talking and don’t listen to others, you might not make a good impression on people. Listening to others also helps you to improve your knowledge and know the other side of the things.

  6. Hellena says:

    Communication is essential in any organisation/institution. Without it no effective work can be carried out effectively.This skill can improve management of school,business organisation and allow individuals within the organisation feel more informed.
    The basic communication skills include:
    1] Listening – good listening in an organization can help to know what employees are doing and thinking. Also listening to particular problems of employees will enable managers to meet the needs of these employees and help them in right direction.
    2]Sending clear messages – they should be send clearly within an organisation. If they are not clear, communication problem may arise. All communication should be open to all employees. 3]Respect – Any institute is made of people and they must be respected.

  7. BUSINGE says:

    It helps to exercise leadership influence through communicating objectives, policies, rules and procedures of an organization and also to communicate the necessary information to workers

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