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Importance Of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a technology based on biology. This article talks about the importance of biotechnology in our lives.

The world we have live has been suffering for so long and humanity is facing an enormous problem on the excessive usage of natural resources. The energy we have been purging from these resources is diminishing and is now critically endangered for future use. Not only that but sudden changes to our environment brought tragedies and disaster that leaves mark for a lifetime. People has intelligently abuse our nature.

It’s strange to know that most of the educated people regardless of gender are unaware of the importance of biotechnology in any aspects of our society, even though it is crystal clear that its technological value has foreseen for a long time to motivate the upcoming generations. It is certain that human existence and survival on the coming days rest on the development and rapidly advancement of biotechnology.

Because of the advancement of thorough researched and development, the importance of biotechnology has come to existence. It is a field in biology that is extensively used in engineering, medicine, science and technology, agriculture and other valuable form of applications. Biotechnology can be a great solution to mankind struggles. So, what does it’s all about? Briefly, it is merely an applied principles of chemistry, physics and engineering comprise into biological structure.

Application in modern era includes the field of genetic engineering. It is the usage of this technology to culture cells and tissues for the modification living organism for human purposes. By this, the importance of biotechnology in agriculture increases the crop production which makes it double or even higher than normal harvest. It has the ability to give biological protection from disease and pests, so a minor necessity for chemical insecticides. Biotechnology is capable of conveying genetic qualities of the crops that can withstand the changing climate condition, obtain an increase of nutritional qualities. This will provide the farmers a healthy lifestyle due to the less exposure of chemical residues and eventually give a higher profit.

Benefits of biotechnology can also be experienced in the medical institution. Its technological application includes pharmaceutical products and medicines, and human therapy. It helps produced large quantity of protein for nutritional supplements and insulin for diabetic patient treatment. The gene therapy, in which is the most successful result of biotechnology research use to cure aids and cancer.

Application on biotechnology can be seen in industrial plant and factories. They are used to give an improved effectiveness and competence in production process while reducing the impact to the environmental issues. Waste products can be treated and recycled as a help to preserve natural resources.

It is beyond expectation on what the biotechnology has accomplished and reached in just a matter of time. Humanity has just start to comprehend and recognized the endless opportunities it has open. As technology assures to provide solution to every frightening problem we face every now and then, so is mankind is expecting a more develop biotechnology in the future. A technology that is more reliable and firm. This is the importance of biotechnology; revolution of the future technology.

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