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Importance of biology

What is biology?

Biology is the study of all living beings. Right from the smallest algae or microorganism to the biggest living being is covered under biology. How microorganisms live, how do they function and how they affect other living beings is studied in biology. There are several divisions of biology, and it is divided based on the type of subject it is dealing with. For example, if the study is about extinct dinosaurs, it is called paleontology. So, biology encompasses everything about life which does not exist anymore and which exists everywhere.

Importance of biology

If your child is not motivated enough to study biology and is wondering Why Is Biology Important? Then you can highlight some of these points that highlight the importance of biology, and how it affects all aspects of our lives. This would definitely help your child to become more motivated and attentive towards biology.

There are many fields that require the study of biology. These fields are important for the survival of humans, animals and plants.

  • Medical profession, be it doctors, nurses or pathologists, would not be possible without the study of biology. Pathologists identify diseases by studying tissue matter and cells. Pharmacologists are responsible for creating and developing different drugs and medicines to combat diseases. While nurses and doctors are there to ensure proper diagnosis, and help us recover from various illnesses and diseases. Geneticists are responsible for studying disease at DNA and genes level and how certain traits and characteristics are affected due to heredity.
  • Veterinarians are responsible for curing diseases and illnesses found not just in domesticated animals, but also wild animals. Marine biologists, zoologists and botanists work with marine life, animals, and plants respectively to ensure their survival and thereby, our survival.
  • Agriculturists work with crops and livestock. With the aid of biology, they ensure that there is sufficient food for the growing population. They also study ways to control pests, cure animal and plant diseases, and grow crops without affecting the environment and in a cost efficient manner.
  • Forensics is another branch of biology where experts use technique to identify criminals. Here they use DNA evidence, blood and other biological evidences to ensure that the guilty party pays for their crimes.