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Impact of Tourism on Environment

One of the significant drawbacks of tourism essentially constitutes the manifold ways by which the natural environment of a country gets affected. A nation no doubt gains economically by means of its flourishing tourism industry, but the rate at which environment is harmed entails a far greater threat to human safety as compared to its financial gain.

Impact of Tourism on Environment

Some of the Negative Impacts of Tourism on Environment

Destruction of Ecosystem

In the peak months, when hordes of visitors visit particular regions, it is quite expected that along with a habitual loss of serenity, the usual clean ambiance will also be lost. While relishing breathtaking views, people usually litter places with polythene and unused food, thereby perfectly contributing to creating a complete mess. Aquatic vegetation is damaged when recreational boats cut it with their propellers. Also, coral reefs are profoundly affected by several factors such as more sediments in the water, sewage pollution as well as tourist trampling.

Degradation of Land Resources

Land resources such as minerals, fertile soil, forests, and fossil fuels are depleting to a great extent to meet the growing demand of tourism industry. To accommodate the ever-increasing number of tourists each year, better infrastructure facilities are a must. Naturally, there is a considerable demand for both renewable as well as non-renewable resources, leading them to be used up at an unthinkable rate.

Pollution by Sewage

Sewage pollution, caused by disposal of wastewater by hotels into nearby seas and lakes highly damages flora and fauna. By stimulating the growth of algae, sewage runoff greatly harms coral reefs, immensely valuable for maintaining diverse ecosystems.

However, there are certain positive impacts too, like generating awareness about keeping our surroundings clean, or it being a profitable source of income. Hence, tourism as an industry should be encouraged, but proper means should be taken to ensure that in no way our environment suffers.

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