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Impact of Snapchat

Social media has taken over the way digital companies as well as businesses operate over the internet and has also largely changed the way social media platforms perform. If you are active across the social media platforms available today, you must already be aware of Snapchat. It is a very successful social media company as well as smartphone application using which all users are capable of sending pictures to each other that are self- destructing in nature. What makes Snapchat stand a step ahead of its counterparts is the fact that the pictures sent through Snapchat get destroyed/ deleted from the receiver’s smart phone within a fraction of 10 seconds!

impact of snapchat

It is needless to say that Snapchat is bringing the best of social media to all users which also provides them with a more personalized manner of sending as well as receiving pictures. It is a real- time communication portal which enables individuals to share private messages among one another through an object- oriented and secure approach. So how exactly does Snapchat manage to create an impact on its users?

The impact of Snapchat on social media and its users

The latest addition to Snapchat was the “Stories” page where users can post their respective stories consisting of both videos as well as pictures which are both self- destructive in nature i.e. they will get destroyed once they are viewed in a matter of just 10 seconds. It is amazing to know that users can also sprung a combination of both videos as well as pictures for creating these wonderful masterpieces which people on the receiving end can view and enjoy for the next 24 hours!!

This is where the true impact as well as advantage of Snapchat comes forward. Brands these days are looking for audiences which are engaging as well as active and not living in a passive world altogether. These temporary messages sent via Snapchat are beneficial when the goal of any particular brand is taken into consideration. This temporary messages are becoming hugely popular across several specific industries due to the fact that it helps them in determining the relevance of an active as well as engaged audience as compared to a passive audience which is not attending to its promotions as well as related news in a timely manner.

Snapchat is also a boon for small industries out there as they can take huge advantage of this engaging nature of Snapchat in creating for itself a loyal as well as active audience base. This is due to the reason that Snapchat requires all businesses to sign up as real people in order to be able to use it and since people running small businesses have more free time in their hands, they can easily get some time to create a space for themselves on Snapchat for getting in touch with their engaged audiences. It also provides all consumers with a chance to get in touch with the companies so that they can create a more personalized and trustworthy relationship over time.

This essay was submitted by Grade 10th student Kelly Clarkson.