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How technology is destroying jobs?

Today we all live in a world where everything is automatic and easily done. Even things which earlier used to be done by human hands does not require one today. Like they say, everything comes with its share of pros and cons; technology has also harmed human beings in some way or the other. The very first thing which comes to our mind when we think of technology is how it has made our lives simpler, but do you realize that it has also disconnected us from rest of the world? This disconnect is not something temporary which has chances of getting back to normal; rather this disconnect will only wider with the passage of time. It will affect human life on earth in more than one way. Without wasting much time, let us throw some light on whether technology is really destroying jobs?

how technology destroy jobs

How technology affects jobs?

Majority of people are living with the misconception that technology is probably the brightest thing happening to mankind right now and that it will help in bringing more job opportunities for people across the globe.

Contrary to this myth, the impact of technology across all industrial sectors is not as bright as it appears from outside. This is due to the reason that technology makes businesses more efficient in themselves; hence eliminating the need of human beings to some extent. Technology also eliminates the need for repeating tasks, usually which is carried out by hundreds of workers manually. As the need of repeating tasks gets eliminated, the need of workers who were earlier responsible for handling these tasks also eliminates. This means that there is a direct cutting in the number of people who are working in these businesses.

On the other hand, even though the elimination of repetitive tasks may benefit the business in the longer run, but it is also true that our businesses are not replacing or finding any alternative for these jobs so that unemployed people can get jobs. This shows that with the use of technology across our industries and businesses, the need for manual workers is cut short; hence we can definitely say that technology is destroying jobs.

This is exactly the reason why in most of the developing as well as developed countries, it is seen that there is more and more economical growth but very little job growth. Looking at the traditional way of our jobs, earlier job growth as well as economic growth used to go hand in hand. This was due to the reason that workers were doing tasks and as a result, there was an increase in the economy of the business as well as the country. Meanwhile, the situation these days is exactly contrary to this.

Today workers in the factories are replaced by robots and software. In fact, jobs that used to be done by individuals is being handed over to technology now. This situation will definitely boost the economy many folds without benefiting the common workforce.

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2 responses to “How technology is destroying jobs?”

  1. Rahul says:

    I agree with the fact that technology is actually destroying the jobs. My father was working at a car manufacturing company in the painting department since last 10 years until they got these robotizing arms which automatically do the job. He lost his job. There are thousands of such examples.

    Sometimes I feel whatever was shown in the movie wall-e, will be the reality in coming years. Every work being done by robots. Can’t say if its good or not.

  2. Farrukh says:

    I agree with the discussion you made in shape of essay. I we realise in last few years, Our lives have become more complex and also effected by anxiety because of technological advancement.

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