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Harmful effects of food adulteration

In the earlier times, people used to prepare different eatables at home so that it is fresh, clean and healthy. But today everyone is so busy that they do not have time to cook food at home and rely on instantly made items. These have different kinds of preservatives that are used to keep them in good condition for a long time. But these are really harmful and have an adverse effect on our health. Today almost all the food items that you will get in the market have some or the other kind of adulterant which brings down the nutritional value and causes different types of health hazards.  Let’s know more about adulteration and how it is harmful to your health.

What is adulteration?

Adulteration is simply the way of changing the composition of any food item such that it loses the nutritional content. Every food item has certain nutrients which are healthy for the body but adulteration brings down this value and affects the quality to a large extent. This is the reason that people are getting more prone to health problems.

Adverse effects of adulteration on your health:  There is no denial to the fact that adulteration is definitely not good. It poses a number of health hazards which include health diseases, weaken the immune system and lots more. Here are some more harmful effects that you might not be aware of.

Leads to chronic health problems: There are many mineral oils which when added to the food items can result in paralysis, cancer etc. If pregnant women eat such food items it might lead to abortion or even damage the brain of the baby. Sometimes zinc substances result in vomiting or in severe cases it can result in diarrhea. Food colors that are added to the items can be the reason of liver damage, allergies and lots more. Thus you can say that adulteration can bring down your health and affect the quality of life.

Increases the impurity in the food: As adulteration alters the composition of the food item, it increases the impurities thus making them imperfect for the consumption. If you consume such impure stuff you are bound to have side effects which can either be short-term or a long-term one.

Lack of nutritional value: Ready-made food is made using poor quality ingredients which not only brings down the nutritional content but can have a change in taste as well if kept for a long time. So you compromise with the taste as well as your health.
Thus you can say that adulteration is definitely not good. There can be a number of reasons of adulteration like the wrong packaging, use of insecticides or pesticides on the food, use of preservatives and lots more. One can do nothing about it but just take measures and try to use quality products only for cooking. This will ensure healthy cooking and you will be able to stay away from various kinds of health problems. So avoid ready-made food but healthy food prepared at home.