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Flood damage effects on our lives

Flood Damage is considered one of the worst disasters that remain as equally most devastating in the whole world, more so in the third world countries. Rains are considered a blessing by so many societies thus associated with all the good happenings in the human life. The same rain drops are associated with the disaster here in named floods in the event that it comes more than expected or the regions topography is not one of the best in terms of drainage. Flood damage has devastated human settlement since historic times thus it has become a world concern for national and the international humanitarian organizations including the UN and Red Cross.

Flood damage is the physical destruction by the water that happens on the personal property, public infrastructure as well as on the crops. Since floods are a natural calamity there is nothing much we can do as human beings to change anything. However human activities are shown to encourage the disaster happening that is a total threat to human life. The disaster preparedness is as well another factor that we will consider wanting for the safe guard of human life and property.

The flood damage on property affect the human life at a greater extends. For instance when the house is swept by the floods we imagine of the physical exposure to harsh weather conditions and the health challenges that one is exposed to. The psychological mishap and the loss in monetary terms since one will have to incur cost in rebuilding. The worst will happen when one looses property and all the investments. This has seen many people lose the meaning of life and end up committing the worst crime, suicide.

Flood damage has attributed the food shortage in the recent past in many regions of the world. This has affected human beings and animals as well. The destruction of crops has either reduced harvest in the affected area or in totality incapacitating the production of farm produce. On the other hand when the vegetation cover has been swept by floods low rains will be expected thus reducing the area productivity for both human and animal feeds. Needless to say the secondary problems associated with the lack of enough food that may include malnutrition among many.

In developed countries or the third world countries flood damage on the infrastructure has affected the economies of the governments in the disaster stricken areas. The human life cannot be separated from the social, economic and the political government good will. This is often breached when a flood adversely affect the infrastructure in place thus affecting the human life in the divergent perspective. Flood damage has mostly affected the developing countries hence making these countries mark time in the infrastructure circles since they have to put in place what has been swept by the floods.

The worst of flood damage occurs when the precious human life is endangered and people die. In the recent past, worst calamities have claimed a number of lives in many countries including Philippines and Pakistan the most affected. The disaster preparedness in most of these countries and the parts commonly affected are limping. The damage caused by the floods adversely affects the countries development plans since it has to support the affected people money wise. Flood damage need to be reassessed in term of personal preparedness and the planning to the recovery from the hazard. This calls for preparedness and the plan for mitigation of the disaster by the regulatory authorities. This may involve regulatory measures of development and settlement in the floods prone regions. Advice to the population in the prone areas to take precaution will come in handy with the well being of the governance. Insurance on property will guarantee one a normalcy in the case that one’s businesses are swept by floods.