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Feminism: Positives and Negatives

The feminist movement has made a huge impact on the Western world and it has evolved the social status of women in the developed as well as developing countries to a very large extent. What exactly is feminism and how does it affect the modern world? Feminism is basically a set of ideologies, social movements as well as political movements which are known for sharing a common motive i.e. to create, believe as well as achieve equal economic, cultural, social, political, personal and professional social rights and authorities for women as enjoyed by men from all over the globe.

Feminism also makes sure that there are equal education as well as employment options available for women as there are for men.

However, feminism comes with its own set of positives and negatives and below are some of the commonly known pros as well as cons of feminism listed.

Positives of Feminism:

  • Feminism carves the path of self- respect as well as admiration for women when they are given equal social status in the society.
  • When women are given equal power due to feminism, they develop a self of belongingness which encourages them to contribute more to the people around them both personally as well as professionally.
  • Feminism aids in addressing the taboo our society has regarding rights of women and it also enlightens public regarding the importance of equality among the genders.
  • Women are considered to be the essence of life on earth and when feminism comes into force, women are treated with their much- deserving respect and love.
  • Feminism makes men understand their role in the house and promotes them to spend more time with their children and also indulge in household activities.
  • There is better sharing of feelings and a sense of belongingness developed between couples when women are given equal respect and admiration.
  • Feminism helps in promoting equality in relationships of all kinds.
  • Feminism enlightens people about the LGBTQ community and there can be reduction in the number of hate crimes.
  • Undoubtedly the society around us has become more authentic with both men and women coming forward in support of feminism.

Negatives of Feminism:

  • Feminism is often considered to be an influence of the Western world and culture.
  • Feminism is largely applied on women working in the industrial sectors.
  • Feminism is sometimes used as a weapon against mankind with women refusing to bear babies.
  • Women often see themselves as the better gender and want to separate themselves from the rest of the society, both personally and professionally.
  • In a way, feminism is carving discrimination between men and women by demanding for equal rights for them, hence portraying that men are dominant in the society. It also segregates men and women.
  • Feminism leads to the undermining of traditional values and power of a woman which is her family and loved ones.
  • There can be several negative effects of feminism seen in a woman’s personal life since demanding for equal rights in every sector will lead to chaos and misunderstanding in relationships.

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This essay was submitted by Simon.