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Factors responsible for poverty in Africa

One of the reasons why Africa makes headlines every now and then is its long fight with poverty. It has become one of the most difficult problems ever faced by this part of the world and according to reports, there are more than 500 million people in Africa who are living under extreme poor conditions. Poverty seems to be a long and difficult battle here and there are several NGOs and international aid programs which are putting their best efforts forward for eradicating poverty from Africa. Let us take a look at some of the crucial factors which have put this continent under such extreme poverty.

Why there is so much poverty in Africa?

Limited credit

There are very few lending companies as well as programs in Africa which are willing to provide financial aid to the poor people. The problem arises when the very poor part of the society here is unable to get bank loans or credit/ debit cards, which they could use for the purpose of purchasing commodities of everyday use.

War and conflict

Africa is a continent which is under constant war as well as conflicts, which makes it impossible for crops to grow as well as offices to function properly here. The status of ordinary life is very poor and threatened in Africa which has forced millions of people to run away from their homes in fear of their lives. This puts both manpower as well as the scope of productivity in darkness and results in extreme poverty over time. Not only this, war also results in the destruction of a country’s infrastructure and resources which could otherwise be used for development and sustenance.

Increased unemployment

In an underdeveloped country, unemployment is undoubtedly the main culprit which leads to poverty. It is a known fact that graduates and skilled labor in Africa are unable to find work due to the lack of opportunity and scope here. The governments in Africa has failed to create enough jobs for its citizens and this has further prompted people here to participate in unethical means for earning money. Blood money rituals and armed robbery has grown many folds in different parts of Africa and women in some regions are forced to turn into prostitution so that they are able to provide their families with food and shelter. With a large part of its people sitting unemployed, poverty rates in Africa are becoming larger than ever.


Africa is plagued with several life- threatening epidemics, such as polio, cholera, measles and malaria to name a few. With thousands of people dying from HIV AIDS every year and more than 24 million of its citizens affected with HIV, healthcare in Africa is also affected due to increased poverty.

Lack of education

Majority of the families in Africa are unable to send their children to schools due to their inability to pay for the fees, books, uniforms and food primarily. Parents are often seen selling their land and property for sending their kids to school and they have to wait for one child to be withdrawn for the second one to be sent to school.

The African government will have to go off the limits for tackling the issue of poverty here.


This essay was submitted by John Simon.